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[November 2023] Unleash the Power of Retro Gaming: Top 10 Best 8BitDo Bluetooth Gamepads for Ultimate Control

Are you a retro gaming enthusiast looking for the perfect blend of nostalgia and modern technology? Look no further! Today, we’re diving into the world of 8BitDo, a brand renowned for its high-quality gamepads that bring your favorite classic games to life. We’ve handpicked the top 10 best 8BitDo Bluetooth gamepads, ranked by a unique RetroShell score that balances user reviews and ratings. Let’s explore these game-changing devices that promise to elevate your gaming experience.

1. 8BitDo Sn30 Pro Bluetooth Controller (G Classic Edition)

RetroShell Score: 1959.8 – Price: $44.99

This controller is a true masterpiece for gamers seeking versatility. Compatible with Switch, PC, macOS, Android, Steam Deck, and Raspberry Pi, it offers a classic design with modern functionality. Buy Now

2. 8Bitdo Arcade Stick

RetroShell Score: 1614.85 – Price: $89.99

For arcade enthusiasts, this stick offers the ultimate experience with wireless Bluetooth connectivity, a 2.4G receiver, and a wired connection option. It’s compatible with Switch and Windows. Buy Now

3. 8Bitdo SN30 Pro Wireless Bluetooth Controller (Jade Green)

RetroShell Score: 1383.8 – Price: $45.99

Stand out with this vibrant Jade Green controller. Offering rumble vibration and USB-C connectivity, it’s compatible with Switch, Windows, Mac OS, Android, and Steam. Buy Now

4. 8Bitdo M30 Bluetooth Controller

RetroShell Score: 1251.8 – Price: $29.99

This controller is a dream for SEGA game lovers, featuring a 6-button layout. Compatible with Switch, Windows, and Android. Buy Now

5. 8Bitdo Ultimate Bluetooth Controller with Charging Dock

RetroShell Score: 1009.25 – Price: $69.99

A premium choice with a Hall Effect sensing joystick. It’s compatible with Switch, Windows, and Steam Deck. Buy Now

6. 8Bitdo Pro 2 Bluetooth Controller

RetroShell Score: 801.8 – Price: $49.99

Versatile and customizable, this controller is perfect for Switch, PC, Windows, Android, MacOS, Steam, and Raspberry Pi. Buy Now

7. AKNES 8BitDo Pro 2 Bluetooth Wireless Controller

RetroShell Score: 441.35 – Price: $50.99

Offering a unique clear/transparent black design, this controller is compatible with multiple devices and comes with thumb grip caps. Buy Now

8. 8Bitdo Lite 2 Bluetooth Gamepad

RetroShell Score: 215.25 – Price: $34.99

Compact yet powerful, suitable for Switch Lite, Switch, Windows, Steam, and Raspberry Pi users. Buy Now

9. 8Bitdo Pro 2 Bluetooth Gamepad with Storage Case

RetroShell Score: 133.35 – Price: $59.99

This gamepad is not only functional but also portable, with a convenient storage case. Buy Now

10. 8BitDo Ultimate Bluetooth Controller with Charging Dock

RetroShell Score: 78.3 – Price: $69.99

A versatile gamepad with a Hall Sensor joystick, compatible with Switch, Steam Deck, and Windows 10. Buy Now


Whether you’re reliving your favorite classics or exploring new worlds in retro gaming, these 8BitDo gamepads offer unparalleled control, versatility, and a touch of nostalgia. Each product links to Amazon for easy purchase, ensuring you get the best deal and quality. Happy gaming!