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???? Retro Gaming Weekly News #0037

Welcome back to the newsletter, and as winter turns to spring-time for a clear-out and maybe a rediscovery of some classic gaming gems. 30 years ago this week, the best-ever Dolphin game was released for the Sega Megadrive. It needs no introduction, but if you have not played Ecco, then you can play it online here.

This week is a bit lighter than usual, for no other reason than there is not so much going on.

This week’s newsletter has TinyTendos, Famiclones, and the end of an NES ritual.


Augusto Baffa has designed the BaffaNES, which is a dual-slot Famicom clone with some nice expansion capabilities. Needs a case, but still a nice project [YouTube]. Link

Whilst we are at modern takes on retro consoles, Macho Nacho Productions has shared a TinyTendo project which is the world’s smallest NES with OG hardware [YouTube]. Link

Hold me closer TinyTendo

Atari has been on an IP buying spree and has added Night Give Studios to its portfolio. Night dive made some classics for the N64 such as Doom 64 and Turok and most recently System Shock which is due out soon. Link

Sonic Origins has been announced by Sega (due to launch 23-Jun) and it contains 12 Game Gear titles and a feast of other Sonic games [Nintendo Life]. Link



Blowing on a NES cartridge to make it play, is synonymous with retro gaming as useless peripherals. But IGNimplores you not to perform this ritual – instead, focus on how to prevent the need for this at all. Link

With the imminent release of The Super Mario Bros movie, Looper takes a look at some other franchises that should be given the big screen treatment (in the right way not like the OG Mario film), Link

Lists & Rankings

Castlevania is a classic series of games and anime, so DualSHOCKERS has compiled a list of the 10 best games of the series. Link

Number 3 – can you guess the name?

GameSpot gives their take on the top 15 Genesis games of all time and there are some mentioned that I will check out as they were not on my list before (Monster World IV). Link

As soon as I get some free time I am going to give this as go!

And that’s all for this week. As ever, thanks to everyone that helps to spread the word on this newsletter, and I hope that you find it useful If you have any feedback, please do message us on Instagram, Tiktok or Twitter.

Retro Gaming Weekly News #0036

Welcome to issue #36. This week we cover OG flying Yoshi, limited edition consoles, a retro hardware review and some N64 lists and other rankings. Please check us out on TikTok and Instagram where we are going through the top 20 NES games of all time.


Did you know that Yoshi originally had wings? Well neither did I, but apparently, he was depicted as being so in the “official” Nintendo guide for the game “Yoshi” for the Famicom game in 1992 [Twitter]. Link

Looks like a bit of a bad trip.


The final trailer for the new Mario film is out and I am very excited. It looks true to the games and is packed with easter eggs and references [YouTube]. Link

A spin-off to Super Meat Boy has been announced and Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine hugely inspires the 4p game [Polygon]. Link

Atari has announced that they have acquired 12 retro gaming IPs including the acquisition of Frenzy and Berzerk [Atari]. Link



Gear Rice has a cool look at limited edition consoles with a couple of retro mentions. Link

Hopefully the added power of coke will make the batteries last longer.

Bolly Inside report on a panel discussion with Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night creator Koji Igarashi who talks about how Japanese video games became a global phenomenon. Link

CNET review the EverCade EXP which is a handheld device with 18 Capcom games and 5 indie game and can be played both in a vertical and horizontal position (great for shooters). Looks like some really nice hardware. Link

Quite the beauty.

Where it had been announced that ToeJam and Earl were getting a film, MovieWeb takes a look at these cult characters. Link

Lists and Rankings

Movieweb gives you the 20 strangest video games based on films. Lots of games I was not familiar with and worth a read. Link

We are going to need a bigger boat

Dual Shockers love lists and love giving you their view so here you have their take on the 10 Best Video Characters of All Time. Some good shouts, but also some huge commissions. Link

And while they are at it, they give you the 10 best N64 FPS games. Link

Retro Dodo gets in on the N64 love and gives to you the 10 most underrated N64 games. Link



Retro Gaming Weekly News #0035

Welcome to issue #35 of the newsletter, this week we cover the Sega Uranus, impossible 1-ups and some lists including the top Kirby games ever.

29 years ago today Super Mario Land 3 was released for the OG Gameboy! Wanna give it a play? You can play it here. Link



Super Metroid for the SNES has been recompiled and ported to the PC [TechSpot]. Link

Japan always got the better boxes.

A speed runner who has managed to get what was thought to be an impossible 1-up mushroom in Mario 64 – by wall jumping for 1 hour???? [YouTube]. Link

The composer Soyo Oka who worked on the music for Super Mario Kart, Super Mario All-Stars and Pilotwinfs has released a new ChipTune album called LOOP816 (it sounds very catchy) [Twitter]. Link

Got an old SNES Mouse lying around and want to add it to your setup. Now you can thanks to an adaptor [Hackster]. Link


A modder has made the Sega Saturn portable and named it the Uranus, it is missing a disk drive as you might expect, but looks kind of cool and similar to the unreleased Venus [RetroDodo]. Link

Hands-on with Uranus

RetroDodo is crowdfunding another book – this time it is a handheld history from 88-95. Link


Polygon has a nice article on discovering the many secrets of Super Mario Bros 3. Link

Nintendo Life celebrated Mar10 day with a look back at 40 years of Super Mario TV adverts. Link

Final Weapon takes a look at the rivalry between Sony and Nintendo. Link


Lists & Rankings

CBR has provided us with a list of the 10 Best SNES Franchises, with some notable games that have not ever received more love (Earthbound for example). Link

Attack of the Fan Boy has a top 10 Kirby games list. Link

Just seeing these colours transports me back to the 90’s

LifeHacker provides you with their view on 18 must-play vintage games on the Nintendo Switch. Link

Capcom is a legendary developer, making some of the most beloved series in gaming, so Game Rant took it upon themselves to give you their view on the top 8 of their 16-bit games. Link


Thanks for reading! Fan of the Sega Genesis/Megadrive – follow us on Instagram, Tiktok and Twitter as we count down our top 20 games ever.

Retro Gaming Weekly News #0034

Welcome to this week’s newsletter, this week there is a (future) birthday to celebrate (7th March), and whilst on the borderline of retro gaming, he is quite significant in gaming in general. The only clues I will give is that he was (or will be) born in 2511 and is as significant to his brand as Mario is to Nintendo. Can you guess who it is?



Gizmodo report on another custom Game Boy, this time a Game Boy DS Advance SP with two actual screens. Link


Nintendo has announced that the Egg Catcher game from the NES version of Kirby’s adventure will be returning as a 4p game in Kirby’s Return to Dreamland on the Switch. Link

A Fan has created a playable custom track for Mario Kart 8 based on the Ocarina of Time [GameRant]. Link

It’s Mar10 day this week and Nintendo has a celebration video to commemorate this. Link


This CBR article describes the forgotten PC version of Super Mario Bros. developed by Hudson Soft, which was vastly different from the original game, featuring new power-ups, enemies, levels, and scrolling mechanics, but due to various “issues,” it was never released outside of Japan and South Korea. Link

BuiltIn has a very cool feature about some gaming vaporware that (by definition) never made it to market – no surprise why when you see some of them. Link

My Nintendo News reveal how the Star Fox team got their names. Link

RetroShell continues its top 20 list with the Sega Megadrive/Genesis on TikTok. Link

Lifehacker has taken a list of the best ways to store old video games (Retroshell.com is not on the list but we are biased). Link

Destructoid asks the question: “What’s your favourite Sega Mega Drive soundtrack?” – and some classics are shared. Link

CBR looks back at a cancelled Star Wars game for the Atari 2600 which would have had playable Ewoks. Link


Gadgets now have a well-presented feature on game consoles through the years. Link


Lists and Rankings

Keen Gamer has a list of the top 5 Disney NES games for kids. Link

Gotta Love 8-Bit NES Style

With the release of the port of Metroid Prime Remastered on the Switch Destructoid takes a look at the best 10 Metroid games of all time. Link

Pro Game Guides rank the top Zelda games of all time with no mention of Zelda CD-i. Link

GameRant has a list of the best N64 games for the Nintendo switch online. Link

CBR give you 10 games that were accidentally made unwinnable, Like Airwolf on the Amstrad CPC which crashed before you could complete it. Link

Thanks for reading! The upcoming birthday is Master Chief – so happy 488 years to your birth Chief! Please do share this with other like-minded folks.