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👾 Retro Gaming Weekly News #0071

Issue #71 –  In 1971 Nintendo launched a copying machine called the Copilas.

In this week’s edition we cover the return of Turok, remembering the Philips Cdi, a giant Game Boy – and much more.


🎮 Konami’s Rare 1988 NES Game Prototype “Battle Choice” Goes Up for Sale and fetches $15k [TechEblog] Link


🦖 Relive the Roar: Jurassic Park Classic Games Return on Digital Platforms [GamingLyfe] Link

🎬 Sega Explores Big Screen: Yakuza and Persona Franchises May Get Film Adaptations [CNBC] Link

🦖 Turok 3 Remastered for Nintendo Switch Accidentally Released with Major Bugs [IGN] Link


🎮 Sega Teases New Persona Games for 2024 [Exputer] Link


💥 Sega and Nintendo’s Explosive Showdown in 1993: The Battle Heard Around the World – Take a trip down memory lane and relive the legendary showdown between Sega and Nintendo in 1993. [Super Jump Magazine] Link

A solid weekend in.

🍄 Super Mario RPG Review: A Classic RPG Collaboration Between Nintendo and Square Enix – Dive into a review of Super Mario RPG, a beloved collaboration between Nintendo and Square Enix. [Wired] Link

🌟 Super Mario RPG Review: A Nostalgic Journey Back to a Nintendo Classic – Revisit the classic Super Mario RPG with this nostalgic review. [Nintendo Insider] Link

🕹️ Check Out This Gigantic Raspberry Pi Game Boy – Discover an incredible Raspberry Pi-powered Game Boy that promises hours of retro gaming fun. [HowToGeek] Link

💾 Steam Deck Owners Mostly Use It for Emulating PlayStation 2, Nintendo Switch, GameCube, and Game Boy – Steam Deck owners are turning to emulation to enjoy a wide range of classic games on this handheld device. [Ruetir] Link

🎮 How Much RAM Did the SNES Have? – Uncover the technical details of the SNES and learn how much RAM it had during its heyday. [Robots.net] Link

🚀 From ‘Spacewar!’ to ‘Starfield’: A History of Video Gaming – Take a journey through the history of video gaming, from the early days of “Spacewar!” to the highly anticipated release of “Starfield.” [LI Herald] Link

🔄 Sega Saturn: A Seriously Underrated Console – Explore why the Sega Saturn is often considered an underrated gem in the world of gaming consoles. [CBR] Link

✨ Aladdin for Sega Genesis Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary – Celebrate the 30th anniversary of the classic Sega Genesis game, Aladdin. [Inverse] Link

A whole new world of platform games 🥁

📼 Remembering Philips CD-i in Chocheluismos: The Revolution of Multimedia – Delve into the world of the Philips CD-i and its impact on multimedia gaming in this nostalgic article. [Ruetir] Link

🎮 Jaguar’s Graphic Power Marked in Its Classic Games – Learn about the graphic prowess of the Atari Jaguar through a look back at its classic games. [Gear Rice] Link

Lists & Rankings

🎮 Relive the ’80s: Top 25 Video Games That Defined a Decade – Take a nostalgic journey back to the ’80s with a list of the top 25 video games from that iconic era. [Wealth of Geeks] Link

If you know this, then you are old.

🍄 Weirdest Mario Games: Exploring the Quirky Side of the Mushroom Kingdom – Discover the quirkiest and most unusual Mario games that have graced the gaming world. [GameRant] Link

The crew were shocked by Mario’s porn collection

🌟 2D RPGs That Deserve HD Remakes: A Nostalgic Journey Awaits – Dive into the world of 2D RPGs and explore titles that are ripe for HD remakes. [CBR] Link

🔵 Best Sega Genesis Platform Games: Jump, Run, and Explore – Explore a selection of the best platform games on the Sega Genesis console. [GameRant] Link

🎮 Blast from the Past: Best Intellivision Games Worth Revisiting – Rediscover the magic of classic Intellivision games that continue to hold up today. [GamesRadar] Link

Not quite as good looking as the arcade version.

🚀 Turbocharge Your Gaming: Best PC Engine Games for Classic Fun – Dive into the world of PC Engine gaming with these outstanding titles. [GamesRadar] Link

👾 Retro Gaming Weekly News #0070

Issue #70 –  The PowKiddy X70 is a retro gaming console that kind of looks like a Switch.

In this week’s edition we cover a the Zelda film has been announced, unknown Japanese RPG’s gets a new port, forgotten Star Wars games – and much more.


Heritage Auctions smashes records by selling vintage video game consoles and arcade cabinets at eye-watering prices – proof that in the world of collectibles, old games never lose their value. [ArtDaily] Link

This, even now, would be top of my Christmas want list.

Link may be a fictional knight in ‘The Legend of Zelda’, but the game’s lead, Eiji Aonuma, has been knighted for real in France – a fitting honour for a true gaming legend. [GamesRadar+] Link

Here is the official announcement for the up-coming Zelda game [Nintendo] Link

The remaster of ‘Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion’ faces a delay, now set to unleash its prehistoric action on November 30 – a slight detour on the road to dino-blasting nostalgia. [Final Weapon] Link


Essentially Sports delves into the realm of what-could-have-been, listing the top five cancelled Nintendo games – a nostalgic journey through the Nintendo universe that almost existed. [Essentially Sports] Link

Cancelled to focus on the N64

Vigour Times takes us on a trip down memory lane, showcasing how Nintendo changed the pop culture landscape 38 years ago – a testament to the power of a plucky plumber and his pixelated pals. [Vigour Times] Link

Niche Gamer spotlights 20 obscure and mysterious JRPGs, offering a treasure trove for gamers looking to delve into the lesser-known realms of the genre – a must-read for seekers of hidden gaming gems. [Niche Gamer] Link

PopTopic delves into the intersection of pop culture and video games, highlighting iconic references and Easter eggs – it’s a pixelated tour of pop culture’s influence on our favourite games. [PopTopic] Link

PC Invasion provides a guide to finding all the Sega Master System games hidden in ‘Like a Dragon: Gaiden’, perfect for gamers aiming to complete their in-game retro collection. [PC Invasion] Link

Money Inc. showcases the most expensive gaming console ever, a journey into the world of luxury gaming where the price tag is as eye-catching as the graphics. [Money Inc.] Link

Gearrice rounds up the five Atari Lynx games you can snag for less than the price of a coffee – proving retro gaming can still be a pocket-friendly adventure. [Gearrice] Link

Lists & Rankings

TheGamer blasts off into a galaxy far, far away, revisiting Star Wars games that have slipped through the cracks of our collective memory – it’s a nostalgic hyperspace jump for Star Wars enthusiasts. [TheGamer] Link

GameRant throws a punch into the world of fighting games, spotlighting those that split opinion with their innovative mechanics – a celebration of the genre’s bold attempts at shaking up the arcade status quo. [GameRant] Link

The ruby slippers made Ryu feel like a real woman,

Exploring the curious case of failed consoles with dedicated fanbases, GameRant takes a look at systems like the Dreamcast and PS Vita – a tribute to the consoles that didn’t make it, but made their mark. [GameRant] Link

Wealth of Geeks jumps into the Mushroom Kingdom, ranking the best Mario spin-off games of all time – a trip down the warp pipe into Mario’s versatile and ever-entertaining universe. [Wealth of Geeks] Link

Mario took too many mushrooms 

👾 Retro Gaming Weekly News #0069

Issue #69 –  World 6-9 is the ninth main level of Super Mario Bros. 3.

In this week’s edition we cover a new Tetris world champion, Perfect Dark gets a new port, a wooden Game Boy – and much more.


Pre orders are now live for the Atari 2600+ for launch on the 17th November ($129.99) – US only and the games are announced below [YouTube]. Link

Dr. Eggman is switching gears from world domination to men’s health advocacy, pledging to part with his iconic mustache if fundraising goals are met – it’s all for a good cause, but one must ponder, will he look more dastardly or less without it? [Dot Esports] Link

Definitely less..

The Nintendo Switch Online library gets a juicy update with an infusion of nostalgia, featuring the whip-cracking ‘Castlevania Legends’, amongst others – subscribers get ready for some classic monster hunting. [Destructoid] Link

For Tetris fans, it’s a dream come true as Justin Yu stacks his way to victory, clinching the Tetris World Championship – who knew those tetrominoes could be arranged for glory? [MIT News] Link

Perfect Dark, the Nintendo 64 classic, leaps onto PC with a fan-made port that’s polished for 4K 60 FPS gameplay – with keyboard and mouse support, it’s like seeing Joanna Dark through a new lens. [TweakTown] Link

Atari is going retro-rogue by reissuing ‘Dark Chambers’ on an actual Atari 2600 cartridge, giving old school gamers a tangible slice of the dungeon-crawling action. [Destructoid] Link

In a play for the retro revival market, Atari has snapped up Digital Eclipse, marking its second acquisition of a vintage-focused studio this year – a clear sign that the past is a playground for the future. [GameCrate] Link

‘Dead of the Brain’, a gory PC-98 adventure game, now speaks English thanks to fan translators – brace for a horror-filled narrative that’s lost nothing in translation. [Game News 24] Link


Take a nostalgic tour with the ‘Sport Industry Socials’ as they preview the evolution of sports video games – it’s pixelated history where the grass is always retro green. [Sport Industry Group] Link

A DIY enthusiast has turned a wooden block into a fully functional Game Boy – it’s a marvel of craft and nostalgia, proving once again that woodwork and retro gaming are a match made in heaven. [Hackaday] Link

Got wood?

After 39 years, Nintendo’s ‘Devil World’, often seen as the demonic cousin of Pac-Man, finally haunts North American shores with its official release – retro gaming’s forbidden fruit is now ripe for the picking. [GamesRadar+] Link

IGN stomps through the history of Godzilla games, chronicling every city-crushing, monster-battling title ever released – a monstrous walk down memory lane for kaiju fans. [IGN] Link

Before the internet exploded, Japan’s Sega Mega Drive users were already dabbling in online gaming via modems – a throwback to 1990, reminding us that Sega did what Nintendidn’t with online play. [Ruetir] Link

Way ahead of the curve.

Appuals dives into the world of ColecoVision, celebrating the system that brought arcade realism to living rooms in the 80s – it’s a flashback to the days of high scores and simple joys. [Appuals] Link

The ‘Visco Collection’ review over at Games Asylum reminds us that hidden gaming gems can still sparkle decades later, compiling rare arcade titles that could’ve been lost in the digital void. [Games Asylum] Link

Lists & Rankings

Diving into the peculiar corner of Square Enix’s library, Gamerant spotlights ‘Square’s Tom Sawyer’ – a title where literary classics meet 8-bit quirks, proving that not all RPGs are born equal. [GameRant] Link

Yardbarker jumps into the punishing pixel pits of the original NES, listing the 20 hardest games that tested the mettle and patience of gamers – a true salute to the era of brutal difficulty curves. [Yardbarker] Link


GameRant tunes into the easter eggs of gaming with a list of secret songs hidden in games – it’s a lyrical loot hunt where the soundtrack holds more than meets the ear. [GameRant] Link

Den of Geek embarks on an archaeological dig through gaming’s attic, dusting off forgotten consoles that didn’t survive the digital Darwinism – a tech-nostalgia trip for the console connoisseur. [Den of Geek] Link

Over at GameRant, it’s a showcase of overpowered multiplayer weapons that had gamers either grinning with glee or gritting their teeth in frustration – a homage to the game-changers of PvP combat. [GameRant] Link

The blue shell, you either love it, or hate it (usually depends on your position)

GameRant dives into the virtual playground of Disney Channel games, ranking the best digital diversions that let fans step into the shoes of their favourite tween idols – nostalgia’s magic kingdom. [GameRant] Link

That’s all folks, thanks for reading!

👾 Retro Gaming Weekly News #0068

Issue #68 –  I literally found nothing related to the number 68 in retro gaming, sorry! 😂

In this week’s edition we cover more new Game Boy Colour releases, the birth of Capcom, the hardest games ever – and much more.


🎶 Megami Tensei Composer Launches Kickstarter for Rearrangement Album [Noisy Pixel] Link

I would love to know tf is going on here.

🏁 “Top Racer Collection” Zooms onto Multiple Platforms in 2024 [Gematsu] Link

🦇 A Castlevania-Like Game Boy Color Title is Coming, Inspired by Bram Stoker’s Dracula [Game News 24] Link

🏈 Tecmo Bowl Fans, Rejoice: NFL-Inspired Shirt Pays Homage to the Classic [Sportico] Link

🐉 Pre-Order Alert: A New Game Boy Color Title, “Dragonyhm,” is on the Horizon (Below) [Game News 24] Link


🏨 Melbourne’s First Hotel Gaming Room: Level Up Your Stay [Concrete Playground] Link

🪐 Anbernic is Crafting the Sega Saturn Handheld You’ve Been Waiting For [GamesRadar] Link


🕹️ Polymega Console Provides Lucky Gamers with Remaining Pre-Orders for 2023 [VG247] Link

The Atari 2600 Lego Set is at an all time low at Amazon. Link


🕹️ Dive Into the Retro World: A Look Back at Capcom’s First Games [GameRant] Link

🧮 Doom Eternal on a Calculator? It’s Happening! [Morning Express] Link

👾 The Untold History of Waluigi: Luigi’s Unappreciated Rival [Stealth Optional] Link

An early Waluigi design.

📸 Game Boy Camera Mini Mod: A Blast from the Past [The Verge] Link

📷 Blast from the Past: Rich Friend Photos That Only ’90s Kids Will Understand [Buzzfeed] Link

🦉 The Enduring Legacy of Wonder Boy: A Journey Through Gaming History [Super Jump Magazine] Link

What is the secret of your power?

🦔 The Sonic Saga: A Look at the History of Sonic the Hedgehog by Sega Genesis [CitizenSide] Link

🎮 Sonic Superstars: A Clever Throwback to Classic Sega Arcade Shooters [Destructoid] Link

💰 Retro Consoles: Discover the Most Expensive Ones with Some Surprising Results [Digital Journal] Link

🐬 Ecco the Dolphin: Unveiling the Unexpected Terrifying Side [CBR] Link

🎵 When Retro Video Game Chiptunes Meet Horror: Creepy Movie Music [Gamers Grade] Link

Shared the shit out of a younger me.

🪐 Exploring the Universe: The Full List of Sega Saturn Games in North America [GameRant] Link

🎥 Retro Rewind: Evercade Review Index – Small but Handy [Games Asylum] Link

🕹️ Failed Nintendo and Coleco Negotiations: The Story Behind Famicom [GoNintendo] Link

Lists & Rankings

🎮 Unlockables That Played Pranks: Video Game Secrets That Trolled Players [GameRant] Link

🚀 Blast to the Past: Best Retro Games Set in the 2020s [GameRant] Link

🎮 The Toughest Challenge: Discover the Hardest Video Games Ever Made [Best Life Online] Link

Played this the other day, still tough af.

🦸‍♂️ Forgotten ’90s Marvel Games: Superhero Adventures Lost in Time [GameRant] Link

🎃 Halloween on Every Screen: Five Games That Celebrate the Spooky Season [Gear Rice] Link

That’s all folks, thanks for reading!

👾 Retro Gaming Weekly News #0067

Issue #66 – The term “video game” was coined in 1967 by Ralph Baer, the inventor of the first home video game console, the Magnavox Odyssey, which was released in 1972.

In this week’s edition we cover lots about the new Analogue N64, lists galore, working at Nintendo in the 90’s – and much much more.


Get ready for a nostalgic treat as the Nintendo 64 gets a 4K upgrade in 2024 with a new Analogue console, promising to deliver classic gaming experiences with modern visual enhancements. [Decrypt] Link

Analogues’s CEO believes that not even Nintendo could beat its new N64 console, highlighting the innovative features and capabilities of this upcoming device for retro gaming enthusiasts. [Nintendo Life] Link

Amazon has got some great prices on the Hallmark console ornaments (USA Only). Link


Explore a quarter-century of the Game Boy Color, reflecting on the evolution of colour in Nintendo handhelds and its impact on gaming. Nintendo Life

The Gameboy is the console of a Jedi, an elegant weapon of a more civilized age.

Delve into the perspective that Nintendo deserves more credit for delivering flawless, bug-free games to its dedicated fanbase, highlighting the company’s commitment to quality. Essentially Sports

Discover the net worth of Alexey Pajitnov, the creator of the iconic puzzle game Tetris, and learn more about the financial success of this gaming legend. Domain Trip

Gain insights into Analogue’s N64 and what can be expected next from this innovative gaming company, as they continue to bring retro gaming experiences to a modern audience. Essentially Sports

Take a trip back in time to the inside story of Nintendo in the 1990s, including Star Fox, late nights, and the development of the iconic N64 gaming console. Eurogamer

Discover the best 16-bit horror games that have thrilled and chilled gamers with their spooky and suspenseful experiences, showcasing the darker side of retro gaming. The Gamer

Babies and Chainsaws – not sure this would be allowed today.

Sonic Timeline: Explore the Sonic timeline as [TheGamer] reveals how Sonic Superstars takes place after Mania and before Adventure. Link

Greatest Retro Video Games: Dive into a nostalgic journey through the greatest retro video games of all time, celebrating the timeless classics that have left an indelible mark on gaming history. [Wealth of Geeks] has the scoop. Link

Gargoyles Remastered: Revisit the past with Gargoyles Remastered, a nostalgic blast from Disney’s gaming past that brings back memories of this classic animated series. Discover more at [Game is Hard]. Link

Ugliest Consoles: Explore the world of gaming hardware with a look at the ugliest consoles in history, highlighting some of the worst console models ever created. [Gear Rice] has the details. Link

Sega Genesis 25th Anniversary: Reflect on the 25th anniversary of the Sega Genesis, a console that had a significant impact on gaming but also marked its eventual decline in the gaming market. Read more at [The Emu Paradise]. Link

Atari 2600 Plus Preorder: Stay informed about the pre-order options for the Atari 2600 Plus, a new version of the classic console that fueled the gaming industry’s early days. [The Manual] provides the latest updates. Link

Game Gear’s Sonic Blast: Delve into the history of Game Gear’s Sonic Blast and discover just how bad this Sonic adventure really was. [Games Asylum] takes you back in time. Link

Generous at #8

Celebrate the nostalgia as [XDA Developers] takes us back to the day the NES was released in North America, a significant moment in gaming history. Link

Ever wondered how much an original Atari is worth today? [Investor Times] provides insights into the value of this iconic gaming console. Link

Lists & Rankings

5 Mario Games With the Best Soundtracks, Ranked – Dive into the melodious world of Mario with this ranking of the games boasting the catchiest tunes. [Sportskeeda] Link

Discover the Best RPGs on NES – Unearth the top role-playing games that graced the classic NES console. [Gamerant] Link

Orko was well out of his depth

Video Games That Are Actually Better Than Movies Based on Them – See how some video game adaptations outshine their cinematic counterparts. [TheGamer] Link

Watch the Evolution of Nintendo Consoles, Ranked – Take a trip down memory lane as Nintendo’s best consoles are ranked based on their impact. [Stuff.tv] Link

N64’s Best Debut Characters – Explore the memorable characters that made their debut on the Nintendo 64, including the imaginative Buck Bumble. [Gamerant] Link

Ranking the Top 2D Sonic the Hedgehog Games – Speed through the best 2D Sonic adventures in this thrilling ranking. [Insider Gaming) Link

Top 10 Super Mario Characters Ranked by Popularity – Find out who’s the most beloved character in the Mario universe based on popularity. [Sportskeeda] Link

That’s all folks, thanks for reading!

👾 Retro Gaming Weekly News #0066

Issue #66 – In the original “Pac-Man” arcade game, there are a total of 66 unique maze patterns that the player encounters as they progress through levels.

In this week’s edition, we cover horrific Genesis games, Mr Tuff, gaming world records – and much more.

In sad news – a shoutout to our readers who correctly informed me the Tailor Swift article was satire. 


Discover the Irem Collection Vol. 3, offering a nostalgic trip through the classic arcade games of Irem Corporation, a treasure trove for retro gaming enthusiasts looking to relive the arcade glory of the past. [Iningames] Link

Get a taste of the early alpha of Electroman, a promising retro-inspired game that combines platforming, puzzle-solving, and a dash of humour, making it an exciting project to keep an eye on for fans of retro gaming experiences. [Indie Retro News] Link

Atari opens the doors to haunted houses in the gaming world, offering a tantalizing glimpse into their upcoming project that promises to deliver spooky thrills and chills, making it an intriguing development for fans of classic gaming. [Game-News24] Link

Slightly better looking than the original.

Stay updated with the latest releases on the Nintendo eShop as this article highlights the new games that have hit the platform, providing gamers with fresh experiences and gaming options to explore on their beloved Nintendo consoles. [Game is Hard] Link

Rejoice as Mr Tuff makes its debut on the SNES, marking the first-ever release of this classic title on the iconic Nintendo console and offering a chance for retro gamers to experience a piece of gaming history. [Games Press / Below] Link

Dive into the world of arcade nostalgia with an interview about the Arcade1Up Atari 50th Anniversary cabinet, offering insights into the celebration of Atari’s gaming legacy and the joy of bringing classic arcade experiences into homes. [Shacknews] Link


Explore the nostalgia of the Analogue Pocket Glow and the evolution of retro gaming in this article, which sheds light on the allure of this handheld device that allows gamers to revisit classic titles in style. [My Nintendo News] Link

Discover why Sonic Superstars’ old-school Sonic is considered the gold standard in this review, offering insights into the game’s nostalgic appeal and its role in celebrating the iconic hedgehog’s legacy. [CBR] Link

Immerse yourself in a unique musical journey as someone recreates Red Hot Chili Peppers albums using Donkey Kong Country sounds, showcasing the creative fusion of music and gaming nostalgia. [Exclaim] Link

Lists & Rankings

Explore the world of rare and valuable Legend of Zelda games that are worth a fortune in this article, delving into the Holy Grail titles that collectors dream of finding. [Twinfinite] Link

The Holy Grail of Zelda games.

Discover the creepiest in-game locations that have sent shivers down the spines of gamers in this list, featuring some of the most unsettling places in the world of video games. [Gamerant] Link

This was discocerting.

Explore the world of rare and valuable Legend of Zelda games that are worth a fortune in this article, delving into the Holy Grail titles that collectors dream of finding. [Twinfinite] Link

Delve into a collection of incredible video game records, featuring astonishing achievements and feats in the world of gaming. [MSN] Link

Dive into a ranking of Sega consoles from best to worst, offering an overview of the various Sega gaming systems and their place in gaming history. [Gamerant] Link

Sadly often overlooked when we remember Sega greats.

Uncover the top 10 rarest and most valuable Game Boy Colour games, giving you insights into these highly sought-after titles that collectors cherish. [Dot Esports] Link

That’s all folks, thanks for reading!

👾 Retro Gaming Weekly News #0065

Issue #65 – The Commodore 65, also known as the C65, was a prototype computer developed by Commodore International in the late 1980s. It was intended to be a successor to the popular Commodore 64 but was never released to the public.

In this week’s edition, we cover Taylor Swift(?!), a new 2600 game, a Mario 64 Elephant mod – and much more.


Sega is delisting classic games following the termination of Sega Forever, marking the end of an era for fans of these beloved retro titles and raising questions about the future of Sega’s classic game library. [CBR] Link

Used game sales experienced a whopping 400% increase after Taylor Swift was spotted playing a Sega Game Gear, demonstrating the star’s influence on the gaming world and sparking a resurgence in interest in retro gaming gear. [Hard Drive] Link

Atari made a surprising move by releasing a new cartridge for the classic 2600 console, offering a taste of nostalgia and a blast from the past for retro gaming enthusiasts eager to expand their gaming library. [Fudzilla] Link


Get inspired by the Sharp C1 Famicom and create your own NES TV with this step-by-step guide, allowing you to combine retro gaming nostalgia with modern DIY creativity in a unique and functional piece of gaming art. [Instructables] Link

Compare the visuals of Contra: Operation C on the NES with its arcade counterpart through screenshot comparisons, offering a nostalgic trip back to the days when console ports brought arcade experiences into the homes of eager gamers. [Co-Optimus] Link

Uncover a surprising fact about Super Mario Kart as Nintendo not only allowed but even recommended players to cheat, adding a quirky twist to the gaming experience and highlighting the company’s unique approach to gameplay. [EssentiallySports] Link:

Explore the world of sought-after Atari Jaguar games, offering a glimpse into the titles that have become prized possessions among collectors and enthusiasts of this iconic console. [Gearrice] Link

Dive into the world of Super Mario 64 mods, including the surprising addition of an elephant character, showcasing the creativity and imagination of the gaming community as they breathe new life into this classic title. [GameRant] Link

Clarify the legacy of Satoru Iwata’s work on Pokémon Gold and Silver, shedding light on the invaluable contributions of the former Nintendo president to this iconic Pokémon generation and the gaming industry as a whole. [Nintendo Everything] Link

Unearth the intriguing cultural differences as Sonic is perceived as “kind of lame” in Japan, offering a fresh perspective on how gaming icons can be viewed differently across the globe, even for a character as iconic as Sonic the Hedgehog. [Stealth Optional] Link

After 27 years, a great Super Mario 64 mystery remains unsolved, leaving gamers intrigued and puzzled by the enigmatic secrets hidden within this iconic game that continue to elude discovery. [Ruetir] Link

Lists & Rankings

Ranking every WWE video game from the golden era, this article takes you on a nostalgic journey through the evolution of wrestling games, celebrating the titles that defined an era of sports entertainment in the gaming world. [The Sportster] Link

Embark on epic gaming adventures with a list of the top longest Super Famicom games, showcasing the titles that offered hours of immersive gameplay and challenged the skills of retro gaming enthusiasts. [Destructoid] Link

Explore the world of Nintendo handheld consoles as they are ranked and compared, providing an insightful journey through the evolution of portable gaming and the memorable titles that accompanied each device. [Screen Rant] Link

Dive into the world of anime-based video games with a ranking of the top best titles, celebrating the successful adaptations that brought beloved anime series to life in the gaming realm and offered fans a chance to immerse themselves in their favorite shows. [Destructoid] Link

Take a trip down memory lane with a ranking of the best Game Gear games, celebrating the titles that made Sega’s handheld console a cherished part of many gamers’ childhoods and provided hours of portable gaming enjoyment. [GameRant] Link

That’s all folks! Thanks for reading, please do share with other retro gaming communities.

👾 Retro Gaming Weekly News #0064

Issue #64 – it goes without saying what number in retro gaming is synonymous with retro gaming, so this edition is to celebrate the legendary (and I do not use that phrase lightly) Nintendo 64.

In this weeks newsletter we cover organising Zelda, a cancelled Pokemon game resurfaces, free Capcom games and much much more.


Capcom brings iconic classics like Street Fighter II and Mega Man to your web browser for free, offering a blast from the past and a chance to relive these legendary titles without any barriers. [Evening Standard] Link

Good f*cking luck playing this with a keyboard.

Celebrate the holiday season with a dash of retro gaming nostalgia as Hallmark unveils a Sega Dreamcast ornament, allowing fans to decorate their trees with a touch of gaming history and fond memories. [TechEBlog] Link


Unearth a piece of gaming history as a lost Pokémon game for the Nintendo 64 is discovered, offering a fascinating glimpse into what could have been an exciting addition to the Pokémon franchise. [Yahoo News] Link

A rare Nintendo N64 controller, discovered in a loft, could fetch up to £1,000, offering a surprising treasure trove for retro gaming enthusiasts and collectors. [The Sun] Link

Yoshitaka Tamaki, the character designer behind iconic games like Landstalker and Shining Force, has passed away, leaving a lasting legacy in the gaming world and a void in the hearts of fans who cherished his creative contributions. [My Nintendo News] Link

Dive into nostalgia with “Shark! Shark!” as the reinterpretation of the Intellivision classic game becomes available, offering a fresh take on the beloved title that once captured the hearts of retro gamers. [Ruetir] Link

Despite Nemo being pretty much doomed, he remained happy. 

The Analogue Pocket is making a stylish comeback in radical 90s see-through colours, offering retro gaming enthusiasts a blend of nostalgia and modern technology in a visually striking package. [Forbes] Link


Take a journey into the world of retro gaming publications with Bitmap Books and Sam Dyer, who are preserving the visual history of gaming through beautifully crafted books, offering fans a chance to relive their favourite titles in a whole new light. [Creative Bloq] Link

Swing into the past with forgotten Spider-Man games, exploring the web-slinging adventures that may have slipped under your radar and reminiscing about the diverse gaming experiences featuring everyone’s favourite wall-crawler. [GameRant] Link

Can you name all 4? Comments below.

Unlock 20 fascinating facts about GoldenEye, the iconic N64 game that redefined multiplayer gaming and left an indelible mark on the world of video games, offering a trip down memory lane for fans of this classic title. [Yardbarker] Link

Discover the bold vision of what Sonic could be as this article delves into Sonic CD, a game that pushed the boundaries of the franchise and showcased new possibilities for the iconic blue hedgehog, leaving a lasting impact on the Sonic series. [GameSpot] Link


Take a nostalgic trip back to 1977 with the Atari 2600 console as your time machine, exploring the iconic gaming system that revolutionised the industry and shaped the future of gaming as we know it. [Medium] Link

Unearth the secret sequel to Pitfall II, an iconic game that has remained hidden for decades, offering a fascinating look at the lost treasures of gaming history that continue to captivate retro enthusiasts. [IGN] Link

Analogues’ limited edition Pocket consoles come preloaded with FOMO, offering gamers a chance to experience a collection of classic titles and immerse themselves in the nostalgia of retro gaming right out of the box. [opp.today] Link

A dedicated Zelda fan takes us on a journey through the franchise’s six eras, providing a unique perspective on the evolution and enduring appeal of one of gaming’s most beloved series. [GameRant] Link

Lists & Rankings

Prepare for a challenge as we delve into the 20 hardest games for the original NES console, offering a nostalgic trip through some of the most brutally difficult titles that tested the skills and patience of gamers in the golden age of gaming. [Yardbarker] Link

No waves = sad surfer.

Step back into the golden age of gaming with a look at the best NES platformers, celebrating the titles that challenged players’ skills and creativity in the heyday of the Nintendo Entertainment System. [GameRant] Link

Explore the world of affordable NES games as this article highlights the five titles that won’t break the bank, offering retro gaming enthusiasts a budget-friendly entry into the world of classic gaming. [Gearrice] Link

Dive into the world of the legendary Atari Lynx and discover the five most valuable games for this iconic handheld console, providing insights into the rare and sought-after titles that have become treasures for collectors. [Gearrice] Link

How many batteries ended up in landfill due to this beast.

Venture into the realm of controversy with a list of the 10 most controversial games of all time, offering a glimpse into the titles that sparked debates, discussions, and even outrage within the gaming community and beyond. [AFK Gaming] Link

Take a trip down memory lane with a look at the best Atari Jaguar games, celebrating the titles that made their mark on the gaming world and left a lasting legacy in the hearts of retro gaming enthusiasts. [GameRant] Link

Delve into the world of the Wonderswan with a list of the best games for this iconic handheld console, offering a glimpse into the titles that provided portable gaming experiences cherished by fans of retro handhelds. [GameRant] Link

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👾 Retro Gaming Weekly News #0063

Issue #63 – The Sega Saturn, Sega’s fifth-generation gaming console, had 63 launch titles when it was released in North America in 1995. This abundance of launch titles was aimed at impressing gamers with a wide variety of choices right from the start.

In this week’s newsletter we cover the Famicom still winning awards, the expanded Jurassic Park Collection, the best and most valuable Sega Saturn Games and much much more.


Nintendo Switch Online keeps the retro gaming spirit alive by adding five new classic games for September 2023, giving subscribers even more reasons to dive into nostalgia and enjoy timeless gaming experiences. [Bleeding Cool] Link

Everyone’s favourite pink thing.

The Famicom, a true gaming legend, continues to shine as it wins an award at the Tokyo Game Awards 2023, proving that even in the era of next-gen consoles, its legacy remains untouchable. [Nintendo Life] Link

Limited Run Games shares exciting news on Twitter, more Jurassic Park retro goodness coming to a modern console near you. [Twitter] Link


Prepare to meet Aaling, the ghost haunting the world of retro gaming, as RetroDodo dives into this intriguing character’s history, leaving you intrigued and curious about the stories surrounding this ethereal presence. [RetroDodo] Link

Get ready to confront a new menace as the Turbografx platformer Cyber Citizen: Shockman 2 gets a re-release on September 22, offering a chance to revisit or discover this retro gem filled with thrilling challenges and pixelated adventures. [Destructoid] Link


Prepare to build some nostalgia with the LEGO Piranha Plant set, which promises to be one of the best Super Mario sets yet, offering fans a delightful opportunity to bring the Mushroom Kingdom to life brick by brick. [GameSpot] Link

Explore the intricate timeline of Super Mario’s releases in this informative article, providing a captivating journey through the past, present, and history of the beloved plumber’s adventures, offering a comprehensive look at the iconic franchise. [GameRant] Link

A lucky retro gaming enthusiast strikes gold with an ultra-rare Nintendo Duck Hunt cartridge, reminding us that hidden treasures from the past can still surface and make collectors’ hearts skip a beat. [Daily Star] Link

Get ready for some mini mayhem as Mario vs. Donkey Kong returns with a new release date and an exciting trailer, offering a sneak peek into the puzzle-filled adventures that await gamers and fans of this classic rivalry. [Inverse] Link

Delve into the fascinating world of game development and discover titles that underwent dramatic transformations during their creation, shedding light on the challenges and creative evolution that shape the gaming industry. [Den of Geek] Link

Prepare for an exciting return as Nintendo hints at the revival of the Star Fox series, igniting hope among fans for another interstellar adventure with Fox McCloud and his iconic team. [CBR] Link

Step into the world of Nintendo 64 hardware and megatextures as this article explores the impressive feat of implementing megatextures on real N64 hardware, offering a glimpse into the technical wizardry behind retro gaming. [Hackaday] Link

Rev up your engines and get ready for some wacky racing action as an unreleased retro Wacky Races game becomes available for free, giving fans of the classic cartoon a chance to experience the chaos on the track. [Destructoid] Link

Discover how Sega’s once-embattled Yakuza series has reached new heights with Like a Dragon, as this preview promises an exciting glimpse into the evolution and resurgence of the beloved franchise, proving that it’s never been better. [Push Square] Link

Dive into the legacy of Richter Belmont in Castlevania: Nocturne as this article explores the character’s background, shedding light on the iconic vampire hunter’s role in the beloved Castlevania series. [Destructoid] Link

Experience nostalgia in the palm of your hands with the 8BitDo NeoGeo wireless controller, as this review highlights its exceptional recreation of an iconic 90s gamepad, offering retro gamers a delightful blast from the past. [TechRadar] Link

Lists & Rankings

Rediscover the joys of local co-op gaming as we explore the best split-screen SNES games, taking you on a nostalgic journey through titles that brought friends and family together in the golden age of gaming. [GameRant] Link

Embark on a journey into the world of gaming’s strangest controls, as this article takes you through some unconventional and quirky input methods that have left gamers both puzzled and amused. [CBR] Link

Delve into the world of the Sega Saturn’s rarest games and their staggering value and prices, offering a glimpse into the collectors’ market for these elusive gems that have become sought-after treasures among retro gaming enthusiasts. [TheGamer] Link

A lot to unpack here. Mr Whippy’s, Jokers and Panda umbrellas

Journey through the world of rare SNES games as they are ranked by their astonishing prices, providing a glimpse into the collector’s market for these coveted titles that have become valuable treasures among retro gaming enthusiasts. [CBR] Link

Discover the finest story-driven gems on the SNES as this article ranks the best story games, offering a nostalgic trip down memory lane filled with epic adventures, unforgettable characters, and captivating narratives that made the SNES era so special. [CBR] Link

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👾 Retro Gaming Weekly News #0062

Issue #62 – fun fact, the original Game Boy had a maximum battery life of up to 62 hours and there were 62 launch games for the Nintendo 64.

In this week’s newsletter, we cover weird Game Boy accessories, the Nintendo Museum and the return of Lara Croft.


Lara Croft is set to raid tombs in style once again as Tomb Raider Remastered makes its way to PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC, offering gamers a chance to relive her iconic adventures with enhanced visuals and immersion. [Kotaku] Link

Nintendo provides clarity on its plans for the Nintendo Museum, offering fans a sneak peek into what promises to be a treasure trove of gaming history, celebrating the company’s iconic journey. [My Nintendo News] Link

Exciting news for F-Zero fans as the iconic racing franchise makes a triumphant return to the Nintendo Switch with F-Zero 99, reviving the high-speed thrills and futuristic competition we all love. [ClutchPoints] Link

Prepare for a delightful journey down memory lane as the Super Mario RPG remake trailer teases battle system changes, giving fans a fresh perspective on this classic adventure and a reason to fall in love with Mario all over again. [Noisy Pixel] Link


Nostalgia lovers, get ready for a blast from the past with a Blockbuster VHS-style Switch game case that’s here to transport you back to the days of video rental stores, adding a touch of retro charm to your modern gaming collection. [Nintendo Life] Link

Prepare for a jolt of excitement as Cyber Citizen: Shockman 2, a new menace, is set to make its mark on modern consoles, promising electrifying adventures and challenges for gamers hungry for retro-inspired action. [Final Weapon] Link


Dive into the intriguing story of Star Fox 2, the polygonal shooter that pushed the boundaries of gaming hardware and challenged the status quo, offering a fascinating glimpse into the evolution of the iconic Star Fox franchise. [Ruetir] Link

Nintendo’s surprising choice: they once turned down music from The Prodigy for 1080 Snowboarding, leaving gamers to wonder what an electrifying soundtrack could have added to the classic snowboarding title. [Ruetir] Link

Discover the enduring fascination with Waluigi as we explore why this lanky, mustachioed character keeps finding his way into the hearts of gamers, despite his mischievous and often overlooked nature. [TheGamer] Link

Unearth the legendary story of the Atari ET video game landfill, a fascinating tale of the gaming industry’s ups and downs that culminated in a desert burial, now serving as a symbol of resilience and transformation in gaming history. [CinemaBlend] Link

Lists & Rankings

Discover the hidden treasures of gaming as we delve into the best Famicom games that Nintendo never released in America, offering a glimpse into the world of Japanese exclusives that many retro enthusiasts may have missed out on. [CBR] Link

Get ready to raise an eyebrow and perhaps a chuckle as we explore the weirdest gaming accessories ever made, showcasing the quirky and creative side of the gaming industry that has given us some truly unique gadgets. [SlashGear] Link

Dive into the world of underrated gems as we rank the most underappreciated N64 games that may have slipped under your radar, offering a chance to rediscover some hidden treasures of the iconic console era. [CBR] Link

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