About us

At RetroShell producing the best quality retro game covers is our passion and mission.

Our Retro video game cases are the best retro video game box protectors that are available. Made from 4mm transparent acrylic they are designed to protect your retro video games and enable you to display your retro video game boxes either vertically or horizontally with our custom stacking design.

We know that retro video game boxes can easily be damaged (especially the cardboard one) so make sure that your precious retro video game collection is protected in our video game protectors.

We offer retro game covers for Sega, Nintendo and Atari games and are always looking where we can expand or retro game cover range.

We know how important these pieces are to collectors and we produce the finest retro video game covers to ensure that your collectables are always kept safe and well protected. Each of our retro game cover products are made to the highest specification so that you can display, or store your retro video games with pride.

Delighting our customers is our prime objective, and if there is something you are looking for which is not listed – please do contact us so that we can see what we can do to help you.

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