👾 Retro Gaming Weekly News #0104

Welcome to issue 104 – coming in as hot as a Hadoken.

This week’s stories cover the SNES console getting an overdue upgrade, news on Atari consoles, using the Game Boy camera for Zoom meetings and Nintendo being Nintendo about IP.


✨ Enhance your SNES experience with the new 2CHIP RGB bypass mod for a sharper, cleaner video output. [TechEBlog] Link

📷 Bring the past to the present: The 26-year-old Game Boy Camera now doubles as a webcam with the sleek GB Operator Dock. [Tom’s Hardware] (below) Link

🛡️ Nintendo President takes a stand against inappropriate use of its characters, ensuring fans are not made to feel uncomfortable. [GamesRadar] Link

🕹️ Retro classics like Urban Champion, Donkey Kong Jr. Math, and Mach Rider now added to the Switch Online games catalogue. [NintendoSoup] Link

💥 A stunning new Sega Genesis game storms Kickstarter, fully funded in 19 minutes and nearing 5x its goal at $71,000. [GamesRadar] Link

🎮 Atari says no plans for modern consoles, focusing instead on classic gaming experiences. [Exputer] Link

📱 Atari and Technos Super Pocket handhelds set for release this October, promising portable retro gaming fun. [GamesAsylum] Link


⌨️ 8BitDo releases a retro mechanical keyboard inspired by the Commodore 64, merging nostalgic design with modern functionality. [9to5Toys] Link

🐢 Bowser from Nintendo is aware of people selling ROM hacks, hinting at potential crackdowns. [Gameranx] Link

🎶 Thunder Force V’s soundtrack gets a remaster to celebrate Saturn’s 30th anniversary, bringing back classic tunes. [Time Extension] Link

🎮 Steam Deck mod transforms the handheld into the ultimate Game Boy tribute, delighting retro enthusiasts. [Dexerto] Link

🔊 The soundtrack to SNES Doom just got an MSU-1 upgrade, enhancing the audio experience for fans. [Time Extension] Link

🐬 Dolphin emulator receives its first update in eight years, bringing new features and improvements to GameCube enthusiasts. [Giant Bomb] Link

🚀 ZPF’s creator talks about developing a new 16-bit shmup for the Mega Drive/Genesis, highlighting the console’s speed capabilities. [Time Extension] Link

🎮 Magnavox Odyssey: Revisiting the first gaming console in history and its impact on the industry. [SlashGear] Link

🏎️ Genesis Virtua Racing port almost cost as much as the console itself, thanks to the SVP chip’s high production costs. [Time Extension] Link

👊 Discover an obscure Street Fighter secret that has recently come to light, thrilling fans of the series. [EventHubs] Link

Lists & Rankings

🕹️ Discover the best new games for the NES that keep the retro magic alive. [CBR] Link

😮 Was the N64 a disappointment? A deep dive into the mixed legacy of Nintendo’s iconic console. [TheGamer] Link

🍷 Video games that have aged like fine wine: Revisiting classics that get better over time. [GameRant] Link

🎮 The most bizarre video game consoles every collector wants in their stash. [SlashGear] Link

🔍 Uncover the most hidden secrets in RPGs that even seasoned players might have missed. [GameRant] Link

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