👾 Retro Gaming Weekly News #0103

Here is issue 103, more loaded than Kirby’s belly.

In this week’s issue we feature stories including Punky Skunk returns for the Super Famicom, a Tears of the Kingdom Gameboy demake, Mario 64 on the GBA, gaming on the Apple Watch and much much more


⚡️ Retro-Bit is bringing former Satellaview exclusive Shockman Zero to SNES, electrifying fans of the classic series. [Destructoid] Link

The blow dryer and hairspray in the Shockman household were in constant use

⌚️ ArcEmu becomes the Apple Watch’s first-ever Game Boy emulator, putting retro gaming on your wrist. [Nintendo Wire] Link

🏰 Super Nintendo World introduces a new interactive wall at Universal Studios Hollywood, blending tech and nostalgia. [NBC Los Angeles] Link

🔍 Nintendo cracks down on leaks again, this time targeting the Switch. [ComicBook] Link

🎮 The new SuperSega FPGA console will play Genesis, Master System, Saturn, and Dreamcast games, delighting retro enthusiasts. [Time Extension] Link

Nice idea, but if this is the level of output we can expect, I would not hold your breath that this ever materialises. 

📚 Atari 50 gets an expansion and a Steel Book physical edition, set for release on October 25th. [Gaming Nexus] Link

🚀 Yuzo Koshiro shares new footage of Genesis/Mega Drive shmup Earthion, thrilling fans of the genre. [Time Extension] Link

🌟 Riviera: The Promised Land is getting a remaster on Steam, bringing the beloved RPG to modern audiences. [RPGFan] Link


🌟 Cancelled Super Famicom version of Punky Skunk might get a new lease on life through a Kickstarter campaign. [GoNintendo] Link

🎮 The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom gets a nostalgic Game Boy demake, bringing retro vibes to modern gameplay. [Techeblog] (below) Link

🕹️ Someone made their ROG Ally play Game Boy cartridges, and it’s a retro gaming marvel. [PC Guide] Link

📺 Check out Super Mario 64 running on a Game Boy Advance, a technical feat blending old and new. [Game Reactor] (below) Link

📷 Miniaturizing the Game Boy Camera: A look into the fascinating project that shrinks this classic accessory. [Hackster] Link

🦍 1980s court documents reveal Nintendo considered names like “Kong Dong” before settling on “Donkey Kong.” [PC Gamer] Link

🎥 This rare promo VHS for Nintendo’s Satellaview has been lovingly restored, offering a glimpse into gaming history. [Time Extension] (below) Link

🛍️ Toys R Us is making a comeback with AI-powered stores, promising a nostalgic yet futuristic shopping experience. [Kotaku] Link

🎨 Rare artist reveals stunning Donkey Kong Country concept art 30 years after its debut. [Time Extension] Link

Lists & Rankings

🗡️ Discover the best RPGs that defined the Sega Saturn era and why they remain unforgettable. [GameRant] Link

The annual booger flicking contest was fiercely competitive 

🍷 Some video games, like fine wine, just get better with age. [GameRant] Link

🚀 Blast from the past: A look at the best arcade shoot ’em ups that kept us pumping quarters into machines. [CBR] Link

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