👾 Retro Gaming Weekly News #0101

Welcome to issue #101, being written live from Seoul – where I almost purchased a Samsung Aladdin Boy, but got scared off by the $3,000 price tag.

In this week’s bumper edition, we cover off the return of Ms Dark, Turok and Yar, more DCMA takedowns, turning a Wonderswan into a home console and a whole lot more.


🌟 “Parasol Stars: The Story of Bubble Bobble III” is set to charm on modern consoles next month. [Time Extension] Link

🎮 Doom’s full SNES source code has been unleashed by former Sculptured Software employees. [GBAtemp] Link

⚖️ Nintendo cracks down on game mods with a fresh wave of DMCA takedowns. [GoNintendo] Link

🦖 A new Turok adventure may be on the horizon, teased in an EpicDB leak. [My Nintendo News] Link

Clever boy

🕶️ Sneak peek at the new “Perfect Dark 2024” gameplay trailer, gearing up to dazzle fans. [Noisy Pixel] (below) Link

🎮 “Escape 2042” now thrilling gamers on Game Boy Advance and Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. [GamesPress] Link

🚨 Major gaming companies strike against a classic game emulator site, causing uproar. [SAYS] Link

🚀 “Yars’ Rising” explodes onto the scene with an electrifying gameplay trailer. [Nintendo Insider] (below) Link


🕹️ Transform your WonderSwan Color into a home console with this innovative new kit. [Time Extension] Link

🏯 Journey through Japan’s retro gaming scene: 3 cities, 17 stores, one epic adventure. [Time Extension] Link

🕹️ Nintendo’s first US commercial game ‘Game and Watch: Toss Up’ makes a nostalgic return. [The Verge] (below) Link

⛳ Celebrating 25 years of Mario Golf on Nintendo 64: A look back at its legacy and charm. [Inverse] Link

🔫 The complex layers of Joanna Dark: Unpacking the rich history and backstory of Perfect Dark. [Game Rant] Link

🕹️ Antstream Arcade spotlight: A tour of the best retro games available on the platform. [Hardcore Gamer] Link

📽️ Dive deep into the making of Sega Rally Championship with a new four-hour documentary. [Time Extension] (below) Link

🎮 Yars’ Rising: A modern twist on the Atari classic that surprisingly works. [Destructoid] Link

🕹️ USB to 3DO ODE: A $60 gateway to reliving the 3DO’s multiplayer bliss. [Time Extension] Link

Lists & Rankings

🕹️ Dive into nostalgia with the top classic Disney video games that continue to enchant fans. [CBR] Link

🧠 Ranking the titans: Discover the most influential strategy games that have shaped the genre. [GameRant] Link

🏅 Top 5 NES sports games that scored big in gaming history. [Apollo Hou] Link

🔫 The best rail shooters of all time: A journey through high-speed action and precision gameplay. [GameRant] Link

🎮 Sega Genesis thrives with new games proving the old console still has serious game. [CBR] Link

👾 From quirky to outright bizarre, these licensed video games take you on a wild ride. [Mental Floss] Link

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