👾 Retro Gaming Weekly News #0090

Welcome to issue 90 – The TurboGrafx-16, released in North America by NEC in 1989, boasted a feature called “90 Minutes Play.”

This wasn’t a reference to battery life, but rather a clever marketing ploy.  The TurboGrafx-16 could continuously play Bonk’s Adventure, a popular platformer, for 90 minutes on a single set of AA batteries – a significant feat compared to its competitors at the time.

This week’s newsletter covers Advance Wars getting a translation after 33 years, new Quarter Arcade additions, exploring StarFox on foot(?!) and an axed Castlevania 32x project – and so much more.


🖥️ 8BitDo’s latest keyboard design channels the iconic Commodore 64 aesthetic, blending retro charm with modern functionality. [Destructoid] Link

🕹️ Anbernic unveils the RG35XX 2024, their latest handheld gaming console, promising enhanced retro gaming experiences on the go. [GizmoChina] Link

👾 Elevator Action and Zoo Keeper make a grand return in the Quarter Arcades lineup, offering a nostalgic arcade experience in miniature form. [Retro Dodo] Link

🎮 After 33 years, the Game Boy classic Advance Wars has finally been translated, unlocking a whole new audience to this strategic gem. [GamesRadar] Link

🎉 Nintendo surprises with 50 new game additions to their download catalogue, expanding the library for gamers seeking new thrills and nostalgic hits. [LifeWire] Link

⚽ Early build of Mega Man Soccer for SNES reveals scrapped multitap support, shedding light on what could have been a multiplayer classic. [Time Extension] Link


🏰 Flashback to the lost 32X Castlevania project that paved the way for Symphony of the Night, revealing a fascinating chapter in gaming history. [Time Extension] Link

🐑 Llamasoft: An intimate look at the quirky world of Jeff Minter, the mind behind some of the most eccentric games. [Thumbsticks] Link

🕰️ A deep dive into the N64’s peculiar and slightly dreary European exclusives, showcasing a unique slice of gaming history. [Games Asylum] Link

🎮 Ingenious modder transforms a retro NES cartridge into a fully working console, bringing new life to classic gaming. [Dexerto] (below) Link

📺 A modder recreates the ultimate retro gaming CRT experience with a tiny monitor, proving size isn’t everything in the quest for authenticity. [Dexerto] Link

📼 Exploring the Nintendo 64DD’s failure: A tale of ambition and missed opportunities in Nintendo’s history. [Cultured Vultures] Link

🌟 Did you know? Star Fox 64 hid an on-foot mode, a fun secret for fans exploring every corner of the game. [Random] Link

🕹️ The Atari 400 Mini: A modern twist on retro gaming, blending nostalgic design with contemporary technology. [GroovyPost] Link

🌌 Delving into the Sega Saturn’s wacky architecture, a study in the complexities and quirks that defined its place in gaming history. [Exploring] Link

Lists & Rankings

💰 Discover the pinnacle of collecting with the five most expensive Neo Geo Pocket Color games – a treasure trove for the dedicated collector. [Gearrice] Link

🕹️ Take a nostalgic journey through time with the best Sega Genesis game from each year of the console’s life, celebrating the legacy of a 16-bit legend. [MSN] Link

📺 From laughter to lunacy: South Park games ranked from the reverently ridiculous to the downright diabolical. [GameSpew] Link

💾 Revisit the era of CBS Colecovision with the five cartridges that demand the highest price today, a true collector’s guide to retro gaming investment. [Gearrice] Link

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