👾 Retro Gaming Weekly News #0086

This week we have 2 gaming birthdays, can guess whom by the following clues, both from the same game and turn 56 this week. One shares a name after a monster in Lord of the Rings and the other tends to do her best work with someone plucking a chicken in the background. Answer at the bottom.

This week’s newsletter features a new game and watch that was lost in time being rediscovered, is Final Fight finally coming to the Megadrive/Genesis, playing Mario 64 for eternity, ranking console generations and so much more.


🎮 A Game & Watch Tetris prototype has been discovered. [Time Extension] Link

🎮 Super Mario Bros. CD is a new ROM hack inspired by a console that doesn’t exist. [Time Extension] Link

📖 Check out this cool SNES-style digital game manual for Pepper Grinder. [Nintendo Life] Link

🎉 Anniversary video game database MobyGames celebrates 25 years. [Time Extension] Link

🎮 Atari wants to revive more of its classic systems. [Time Extension] Link

🎮 Sega’s Turbo Outrun has been brilliantly remastered by fans. [Time Extension] Link

🎮 35 years later, Final Fight might get an official Mega Drive release. [Game Reactor] Link

🎮 PC-98 dungeon crawler Madou Monogatari 2 gets an English fan patch. [Time Extension] Link


🎮 Dive into the world of retro Japanese video games and their enduring charm. [Japan Times] Link

🎮 Discover how to mod classic game ROMs with NFC and Mister for a modern twist. [The Verge] Link

🎮 Explore the lasting influence of the 90s on gaming. [Goomba Stomp] Link

🎮 Meet Morphcat Games: the new-gen NES devs pushing the 8-bit envelope. [Nintendo Life] Link

🎮 Explore the most memorable characters from old-school Nintendo games. [Yardbarker] Link

🎮 Infinite Mario 64 lets you play Super Mario 64 until the end of time. [Time Extension] Link

🔙 Flashback: How Saturn’s memory expansion carts made it the king of 2D fighters. [Time Extension] Link

Lists & Rankings

🎮 Explore the 15 worst Mario video games and their disappointing gameplay. [Yardbarker] Link

🎮 Discover the times Nintendo revolutionised gaming with groundbreaking innovations. [The Gamer] Link

🎮 Delve into the ranking of every video game console generation from worst to best. [Den of Geek] Link

🎮 Uncover the best JRPGs games on Sega consoles and their immersive worlds. [GameRant] Link

🎮 Explore the 7 best Sega CD games and how to play them today for a nostalgic experience. [Chithot] Link

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