👾 Retro Gaming Weekly News #0084

37 years ago (20th Feb), a legend was born. On February 20th, 1987, Japanese arcades were invaded by Contra, a game that redefined shoot-’em-up action and became an instant classic.

In this weeks newsletter, we have a forgotten F-Zero for the SNES is resurrected, modding a NES to run Linux, a GT killer that never was, the most underrated retro consoles and a whole lot more.


Can Linux run on Nintendo’s ancient NES games console? Someone decided to try, sparking curiosity about the compatibility of modern software with retro hardware. [BetaNews] Link

Lost Japan-exclusive Satellaview F-Zero GP 2 restored with footage and special tools—revel in the resurrection of a piece of gaming history from the Land of the Rising Sun. [Tom’s Hardware] Link

New Sega Genesis game “Rocket Panda” blasts off on Kickstarter this week—prepare for a nostalgic journey through pixelated skies with this exciting crowdfunding project. [Time Extension] Link


NES facts: Discover intriguing insights into the Nintendo Entertainment System’s history and impact on gaming culture. [Cultured Vultures] Link

How Final Fantasy changed RPGs forever: Explore the revolutionary impact of the Final Fantasy franchise on the role-playing genre. [Den of Geek] Link

Pro Football Network examines Tecmo Bowl, the game that shaped football fans for generations—dive into the nostalgia of this iconic sports title. [Pro Football Network] Link

Engadget reviews Ayaneo, the NES-inspired AM02 mini PC—uncover the charm and functionality of this nostalgic tech gadget. [Engadget] Link

Nation World News delves into how the NES gun in Duck Hunt on TV knows you’re shooting ducks—unravel the mystery behind this classic gaming accessory. [Nation World News] Link

Scott Daniel discusses the rise of retro gaming nostalgia in the digital age—explore the enduring appeal of retro games in today’s gaming landscape. [Medium] Link

The Drive explores a cancelled IMSA game that almost revolutionized console sim racing before Gran Turismo—discover the untold story of this lost gem. [The Drive] Link

Wealth of Geeks ranks the most underrated retro consoles—rediscover forgotten gaming platforms that deserve more recognition. [Wealth of Geeks] Link


Tom’s Hardware investigates how the N64 is still being pushed past its limits 28 years later—explore the ongoing efforts of homebrew developers to unlock the Nintendo 64’s potential. [Tom’s Hardware] Link

Time Extension reports that the Mister FPGA Saturn core now plays 95% of consoles’ US library—dive into the expanding capabilities of FPGA emulation. [Time Extension] Link

Hackster.io showcases how you can watch full-length, full-color movies on a fully original Atari 2600—explore the creative possibilities of retro gaming hardware. [Hackster.io] Link

Intellivision names Amico mascot with still no sign of the console—adding intrigue to the mystery surrounding the anticipated gaming system. [Time Extension] Link

Lists & Rankings

Learn fascinating facts about the Nintendo Punch-Out series with insights into its development and legacy. [The Sportster] Link

Who would win the punch out Royal Rumble?

DualShockers highlights the best Virtual Boy games, showcasing the unique titles that defined Nintendo’s pioneering virtual reality console. [DualShockers] Link

The sniper had a vendetta against Nintendo franchises 

Wealth of Geeks ranks the most underrated retro consoles, shedding light on gaming systems that deserve more recognition for their contributions to gaming history. [Wealth of Geeks] Link

Delve into the underrated Sega heroes of Dreamcast and Genesis, exploring the unsung characters that captured the hearts of gamers. [Wealth of Geeks] Link

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