👾 Retro Gaming Weekly News #0083

This week’s character’s birthday is a fighting game legend. Blonde hair, blue eyes and a killer dragon punch – Ken turns 58 on Valentines day.

We have a loaded newsletter this week, sharing such delights as the story of the Naked Gun game that never was, Rugrats inch closer, Cyberpunk on the SEGA CD a comeback for the Nintendo Power Glove and lots lots more.


🚨 Pokémon players warned to back up carts as some begin to die completely! Some classic Pokémon cartridges are facing an existential crisis—backup your saves pronto! (Dexerto) Link

🎮 CRKD’s follow-up to the Nitro Deck is the NES-style Neo S Controller—taking retro vibes to the next level! Embrace the nostalgia with this sleek, NES-inspired controller. (Engadget) Link

🕹 Retro-Bit is bringing Majyuo to North America as its next SNES reproduction—prepare for some old-school gaming goodness! Retro enthusiasts, rejoice as another classic title gets a new lease on life. (Destructoid) Link

🦦 Joe Burks’ OtterX is an eight-bit neo-retro machine with Commander X16 compatibility—dive into the world of retro gaming with this intriguing creation! (Hackster.io) Link

🧸 Rugrats Adventures in Gameland release window announced alongside a free demo—get ready to relive your childhood with this nostalgic gaming experience! (ComicBook) Link

📚 Super Mario Collection is a new fan-made book documenting over 9000+ items—explore the extensive world of Mario memorabilia! (Time Extension) Link


🤖 A fan-made Mega Man port for SNES has just been released—prepare for some pixelated robot-blasting action! (Time Extension) Link

🕹 The super rare arcade game Akuma Mortis Immortal has just been preserved—keeping gaming history alive one rare gem at a time! (Time Extension) Link

🎮 This Cyberpunk 2077 intro demake on Sega CD looks retro cool! Dive into the cybernetic world of Cyberpunk 2077 with a nostalgic twist. (DSOGaming) Link

🎮 Full Atari 400 mini-game list revealed—get ready for a blast from the past with this comprehensive lineup! (Time Extension) Link


🤑 10 Super Famicom game for 10 bucks – probably random Japanese games no one cares about, but interesting (below).

🎮 Dive into “10 Super Famicom Games for Ten Bucks: Retro Hunting Adventures”—a budget-friendly journey through classic gaming experiences! (RapReviews) Link

📺 Explore the world of gaming peripherals with “Pixel Pioneers: A Journey Through Gaming’s Peripheral History”—a fascinating look at the evolution of gaming accessories! (TechAcute) Link

🔫 Gamerant reveals the best fun, hard first-person shooter games for speedrun enthusiasts—get ready for adrenaline-pumping challenges! (GameRant) Link

🎮 Exploring the legacy of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)—delve into the history and impact of this iconic gaming console! (ISP Today) Link

Game Boy Camera gets a fan-made SNES Super Game Boy tripod mount—bringing a classic accessory into the modern era for enhanced photography! (GoNintendo) Link

🌐 Techeblog explores Nintendo web browsers for Windows—a fascinating dive into the world of browsing on classic gaming consoles! Link

🎮 Wealth of Geeks ranks the best Mario spin-off games of all time—explore the diverse universe of Mario’s side adventures! Link

🎮 GamesRadar unveils a solution for using the worst NES controller on N64—turning a frustrating experience into a nostalgic triumph! Link

🎮 Time Extension presents a flashback: the story of the Naked Gun game that never was—a fascinating look at a lost piece of gaming history! Link

💰 Gear Rice provides an update on the most expensive Atari 2600 cartridges in history—discover the rarest gems of gaming collectibles! Link

Lists & Rankings

🤼 Dive into the world of wrestling with “Best Wrestling Video Games for Super Nintendo”—reminisce on the classics that grappled their way into our hearts! (The Sportster) Link

🎮 Check out the best games ranked including Tetris—a timeless classic that continues to captivate players of all ages! Link

🕹 Gamerant explores underrated Sega characters—discover the hidden gems that deserve more recognition in the world of gaming! Link

📺 Collider ranks TV series based on video games—explore adaptations that bring the pixelated worlds of gaming to the small screen! Link

🎮 Destructoid presents the best SNES soundtracks of all time, ranked—immerse yourself in the nostalgic melodies that defined a generation of gaming! Link

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