👾 Retro Gaming Weekly News #0081

This week, 30 years ago (2nd Feb) Sonic 3 was released.

In this week’s news, we cover modding gameboys to run as a PC, the importance of video game preservation, a new Starfox(?), playing Sonic with a light gun and a lot more.


🕹️ Ayaneo unveils a new retro mini PC with a nostalgic NES twist, combining modern computing power with a touch of classic gaming aesthetics. [Dexerto] Link


🚀 Rumours abound as Gameranx hints at a Star Fox sequel in development at Nintendo, sparking excitement among fans of the iconic space-faring franchise. [Gameranx] Link

🎮 Uncover the charm of a new NES game titled “Flap Happy” in 2024, bringing fresh content to enthusiasts of the classic gaming platform (below). [Insider Gaming] Link

💻 Gizmodo Australia explores a DIY kit that can turn your Game Boy into a mini gaming PC, offering a unique blend of nostalgia and modern computing. [Gizmodo] Link

🔄 GamesRadar unveils a stunning SNES-style upgrade for a NES co-op cult classic after 33 years, showcasing the magic of retro remakes by a top-tier studio (below). [GamesRadar] Link


🎮 Wealth of Geeks compiles a list of the most important indie video games, recognising the impact and innovation of independent game developers in the industry. [Wealth of Geeks] Link

🔄 GameTyrant delves into the preservation of classic games, highlighting their significance in computer history education and the ongoing efforts to protect gaming heritage. [GameTyrant] Link

🥋 Stuff explores how Tekken changed the landscape of fighting games forever, examining the impact of the iconic franchise on the gaming industry. [Stuff] Link

🕹️ Kotaku unveils a ROM hack mod that combines Super Mario Kart with Resident Evil, creating a unique gaming experience that challenges the norms of both genres. [Kotaku] Link

👧 Destructoid reminisces about “Barbie Super Model” for SNES, an unexpected entry that takes players through intense memory training in a Barbie-themed adventure. [Destructoid] Link

Thinking about partying

🎮 Fatherly boldly asserts that Castlevania 64 is still bad, sparking a discussion about the flaws and criticisms surrounding this entry in the Castlevania series. [Fatherly] Link

💽 Time Extension provides a guide on building the ultimate Sega Saturn, offering insights and tips for enthusiasts seeking to enhance their Sega Saturn gaming experience. [Time Extension] Link

🦔 The Gamer explores a Sonic the Hedgehog hack mod that introduces multiplayer and light gun functionality, adding new dimensions to the classic Sonic experience. [The Gamer] Link

🎮 Wealth of Geeks pays tribute to the most innovative video game designers of all time, recognising the visionaries who have shaped the gaming landscape. [Wealth of Geeks] Link

📅 Pocket Tactics anticipates the release date of Arzette, a highly anticipated game that captures the interest of gamers awaiting its debut. [Pocket Tactics] Link

Lists & Rankings

🌟 Gamerant celebrates the underrated hero characters of SNES, shedding light on the unsung champions who deserve recognition in classic gaming. [GameRant] Link

🎮 Cultured Vultures takes a dive into the dark side with a list of the worst Nintendo 64 games, cautioning gamers about titles to steer clear of in the retro gaming realm. [Cultured Vultures] Link

💸 Explore the realm of rare and expensive N64 games as Cultured Vultures compiles a list of the most valuable gems for collectors in the Nintendo 64 library. [Cultured Vultures] Link

🦔 The Gamer curates a list of forgotten Sonic the Hedgehog games, revisiting titles that may have faded into obscurity over the years. [The Gamer] Link

🚀 Gamerant pays homage to defunct AAA studios that no longer exist, reminiscing about the contributions of these studios to the gaming industry. [GameRant] Link

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