👾 Retro Gaming Weekly News #0078

Happy 2024 to all readers – I would like to wish you all the best year ever and hope that you exceed all of your goals!

Issue #78 – 1978 was a landmark year for the gaming industry, with new companies such as Automated Simulations (later Epyx), Koei, and others emerging. The American arcade game market earned a revenue of $1 billion, and the home video game market was valued at $200 million

This week we feature Tetris finally beaten, a new SNES game, hidden easter eggs and much more!


🎉 A 13-year-old boy makes history by becoming the first person to conquer Tetris at its highest difficulty, setting a new standard in block-dropping mastery (Below for more details). [Eurogamer] Link

👾 Konami’s legendary X-Men arcade game finds a new home on the Sega Saturn, thanks to a fan’s passionate porting project. [Time Extension] Link

🌸 “Dottie Flowers,” a brand-new SNES game, blooms into the retro gaming scene, offering a fresh adventure for classic console enthusiasts. [GoNintendo] Link

đŸšĒ “Portal 64,” the project that brings the iconic Portal experience to the Nintendo 64, moves out of beta, promising more innovative retro gaming delights. [Game News24] Link

đŸŽĩ Yuzo Koshiro’s new Genesis/Mega Drive game “Earthion” is slated for a summer release, promising a sonic blast from the past. [Destructoid] Link

🕹ī¸ Atari Lynx’s classic “Chip’s Challenge” prepares to puzzle a new generation of gamers as it makes its way to the Nintendo Switch. [Nintendo Everything] Link

📚 Bitmap Books announces “N64: A Visual Compendium,” a vibrant celebration of the Nintendo 64’s legacy, set to release this year. [Time Extension] Link


🎮 Shigeru Miyamoto reflects on his journey from game designer to producer, revealing insights into his legendary career at Nintendo. [Siliconera] Link

🕹ī¸ Forty years on, Nintendo’s Famicom continues to impress with its timeless design and enduring influence in the gaming world. [Game Informer] Link

Exactly what I was thinking.

🚀 Enhance your Metroid SNES experience with a new fan-made patch, elevating this classic to even greater heights. [Time Extension] Link

🛠ī¸ Discover how to turn an SNES controller into a USB game controller without any soldering, bridging retro and modern gaming. [Robots.net] Link

🌎 As “Mother 2” celebrates its 30th anniversary, speculation rises about the long-awaited Western release of “Mother 3.” [GameCrate] Link

👾 Transform your Raspberry Pi into a retro gaming powerhouse with this comprehensive guide. [XDA Developers] Link

đŸŽĩ Sonicware introduces the LIVEN Mega Synthesis, blending chiptune nostalgia with cutting-edge music production. [Synth Anatomy] Link

⚔ī¸ Dive into the latest details on the upcoming “Golden Axe” game, exploring its setting, gameplay, and what to expect. [Dexerto] Link

🕰ī¸ Discover the almost 30-year-old secret hidden within “Clockwork Knight 2,” a revelation for Sega Saturn enthusiasts. [Time Extension] Link

đŸĨ¤ G Fuel launches a new Atari-themed pack, celebrating the iconic Atari 2600 and its gaming legacy. [Bleeding Cool] Link

🎮 Reflecting on the games that defined the Atari 2600, a journey through the console’s most influential titles. [Game News24] Link

🕹ī¸ NES developers share their experiences and challenges in creating the retro games that defined a generation. [GamesRadar] Link

🔧 Jay Convertino reverse-engineers the classic ColecoVision to create a modern clone of the beloved “Righteous Tentacle.” [Hackster.io] Link

⏲ī¸ A deep dive into whether your SNES might be housing a ticking time bomb, a potential hazard for retro gaming enthusiasts. [Time Extension] Link

Lists & Rankings

🌌 Delve into the galaxy of Star Wars gaming with a rundown of the top 10 Star Wars games across all platforms, a must-see for fans of the franchise. [The Nerd Stash] Link

🌍 Explore the pioneers of open-world gaming with a fascinating look at the earliest open-world games that featured multiplayer experiences.

đŸĻ¸â€â™‚ī¸ GameRant lists the most comic book-faithful Marvel games, a treat for fans seeking authentic adaptations of their favourite superheroes. [GameRant] Link

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