👾 Retro Gaming Weekly News #0072

Issue #72 –  The NES cartridge has 72 pins and you used to have to blow on them to make some games work – however people are now warned not to do this (see this video as to why).

In this week’s edition we cover gaming romances on the NES, the best ROM sites, Doom on earrings – and much more.


🎮 Nintendo’s N64 Online Schedule Gets an Update – Nintendo provides an update to the release schedule for its N64 games on the Switch Online service. [Nintendo Life] Link

🕹️ Unclassic NES Game from 1992 Leaks for Modern Platforms – An unorthodox NES game from 1992 has surfaced, making its way to modern gaming platforms. [Game-News24] Link

📺 Intellivision Amico: An Update on the Console’s Progress – Get an update on the Intellivision Amico console from Phil Adam, providing insights into its development. [Republic] Link


💖 Best NES Game Romances Explored – Dive into the world of love in NES games with a list of the best in-game romances. [Game Rant] Link

All the ladies wanted Mr Cucumber

🦖 Jurassic Park Classic Games Collection Review – Read a review of the Jurassic Park Classic Games Collection and relive the dino-adventure. [Niche Gamer] Link

🕹️ Retro Gaming Sites: Where to Find the Best ROMs – Discover the best websites for finding classic video game ROMs. [Explosion] Link

🎮 Classic Doom on Earrings – You can now play the classic game Doom on a pair of earrings; talk about portable gaming! [Destructoid] Link

🕹️ The Five Cheapest Games on the Neo Geo – Explore the world of Neo Geo gaming with a look at its most affordable titles. [Gear Rice] Link

Still want one of these.

🏰 Nintendo Theme Park: A Childhood Dream Come True – A gamer’s dream came true when visiting Japan’s Nintendo theme park. [The Guardian] Link

🕹️ Scott Pilgrim vs. The Video Game’s Best Easter Eggs – Discover the coolest Easter eggs in the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World video game. [Game Rant] Link

🕹️ 30 Years Since a Gaming Failure – Reflecting on one of the biggest failures in the history of video games, 30 years later. [Ruetir] Link

Lists & Rankings

🎮 The Most Annoying Boss Fights – Discover a list of the most frustrating boss battles in video game history. Link

🕹️ Ranking Every Spider-Man Game – Explore a ranking of every Spider-Man game ever released. Link

🦔 Best Sega Genesis Action Games – Check out a collection of the best action games for the Sega Genesis. [Den of Geek] Link

🐐 Action game on the Genesis/Megadrive according to Den of Geek

🎮 Best Sega Genesis RPGs Ranked – Dive into the world of Sega Genesis RPGs with a ranking of the best titles. Link

🕹️ Toughest Bosses in 1990s Games – Explore a list of the most challenging bosses from 1990s video games. Link


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