👾 Retro Gaming Weekly News #0070

Issue #70 –  The PowKiddy X70 is a retro gaming console that kind of looks like a Switch.

In this week’s edition we cover a the Zelda film has been announced, unknown Japanese RPG’s gets a new port, forgotten Star Wars games – and much more.


Heritage Auctions smashes records by selling vintage video game consoles and arcade cabinets at eye-watering prices – proof that in the world of collectibles, old games never lose their value. [ArtDaily] Link

This, even now, would be top of my Christmas want list.

Link may be a fictional knight in ‘The Legend of Zelda’, but the game’s lead, Eiji Aonuma, has been knighted for real in France – a fitting honour for a true gaming legend. [GamesRadar+] Link

Here is the official announcement for the up-coming Zelda game [Nintendo] Link

The remaster of ‘Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion’ faces a delay, now set to unleash its prehistoric action on November 30 – a slight detour on the road to dino-blasting nostalgia. [Final Weapon] Link


Essentially Sports delves into the realm of what-could-have-been, listing the top five cancelled Nintendo games – a nostalgic journey through the Nintendo universe that almost existed. [Essentially Sports] Link

Cancelled to focus on the N64

Vigour Times takes us on a trip down memory lane, showcasing how Nintendo changed the pop culture landscape 38 years ago – a testament to the power of a plucky plumber and his pixelated pals. [Vigour Times] Link

Niche Gamer spotlights 20 obscure and mysterious JRPGs, offering a treasure trove for gamers looking to delve into the lesser-known realms of the genre – a must-read for seekers of hidden gaming gems. [Niche Gamer] Link

PopTopic delves into the intersection of pop culture and video games, highlighting iconic references and Easter eggs – it’s a pixelated tour of pop culture’s influence on our favourite games. [PopTopic] Link

PC Invasion provides a guide to finding all the Sega Master System games hidden in ‘Like a Dragon: Gaiden’, perfect for gamers aiming to complete their in-game retro collection. [PC Invasion] Link

Money Inc. showcases the most expensive gaming console ever, a journey into the world of luxury gaming where the price tag is as eye-catching as the graphics. [Money Inc.] Link

Gearrice rounds up the five Atari Lynx games you can snag for less than the price of a coffee – proving retro gaming can still be a pocket-friendly adventure. [Gearrice] Link

Lists & Rankings

TheGamer blasts off into a galaxy far, far away, revisiting Star Wars games that have slipped through the cracks of our collective memory – it’s a nostalgic hyperspace jump for Star Wars enthusiasts. [TheGamer] Link

GameRant throws a punch into the world of fighting games, spotlighting those that split opinion with their innovative mechanics – a celebration of the genre’s bold attempts at shaking up the arcade status quo. [GameRant] Link

The ruby slippers made Ryu feel like a real woman,

Exploring the curious case of failed consoles with dedicated fanbases, GameRant takes a look at systems like the Dreamcast and PS Vita – a tribute to the consoles that didn’t make it, but made their mark. [GameRant] Link

Wealth of Geeks jumps into the Mushroom Kingdom, ranking the best Mario spin-off games of all time – a trip down the warp pipe into Mario’s versatile and ever-entertaining universe. [Wealth of Geeks] Link

Mario took too many mushrooms 

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