👾 Retro Gaming Weekly News #0055

Welcome to issue #55 – a bit of a quiet news week this week – however this week we cover a Sonic mystery, Vimms lair, the best double dragon games and much more.

Can you guess the game that was released in time this week from the below riddle (answer at the end)?

In the week of July 31, 1992, a game took flight,

On a console where dreams reached new heights.

With a blue blur that zips through the zone,

Embark on a quest, you’re never alone.

Collect golden rings, speed through the land,

In this platforming adventure, it’s all grand.

Foiling the plans of a villainous foe,

With every leap, watch the hero go!

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Infidelity has ROM hacked DuckTales for the NES and ported it for the SNES [Twitter]. Link

Is Scrooge McDuck cultural appropriation? 

🎮 Nintendo Switch Online brings back the classics with a twist as it adds two iconic Zelda games, delighting fans of the legendary series. [Techlusive] Link

Sonic fans, get ready for a mystery! A new Sonic the Hedgehog trademark and logo have been spotted, sparking speculation about what’s to come in the iconic hedgehog’s future. [Comicbook] Link

Get ready for one hell of a time as Netflix announces its next Castlevania anime, promising more thrilling vampire-slaying action. [24sSports] Link


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Unleash your retro gaming nostalgia with the ultimate guide to Vimm’s Lair, your go-to treasure trove for classic games. [Appuals] Link

Whoever you are Vimm, I ❤️ U

🌍 An upcoming Earthbound documentary is set to explore the extraordinary power of online communities in preserving retro gaming’s legacy and cultural impact. [Nintendo Life] Link

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This week’s game is “Sonic the Hedgehog 2” for the Sega Megadrive/Genesis, turning 29 this week.