👾 Retro Gaming Weekly News #0052

Welcome to the 1 year anniversary of the newsletter. It has been a year of learning, improvement and seeing retro gaming continue its resurgence. Who would have thought there would be so many new games either released for the old consoles or inspired by classic 8/16 bit games? Here is to the next year!

Here is this week’s riddle – answer at the end:

In the week of July 10, 1985, a game was released,

On a console where adventures never ceased.

Jump, climb, and swing through a jungle so vast,

With a barrel-rolling hero, the journey’s a blast.


Final Fight fans will be intrigued to see the unreleased cover art for the Super Famicom version, showcasing the game’s iconic characters in a vibrant and dynamic style. [Ruetir] Link

Vibrant, dynamic and un PC as fuck

“River City Rival Showdown” is making its way to new platforms, giving fans of this classic beat ’em up game a chance to enjoy it on different systems. [Destructoid] Link

LEGO enthusiasts and Super Mario fans can now expand their adventures with the new Koopalings Airships Expansion Playset, featuring detailed LEGO versions of the iconic Koopalings and their airships. [Xfire] Link

Check out how a modder managed to shrink the legendary Game Boy Camera to the size of an original Game Boy cartridge, combining nostalgia and innovation. [TechRadar] Link

Great mod, but sort those nails out Christopher 

And if you want a flash for the original camera, then Facelesstech has got a mod for that [Hackster]. Link

Rediscover the iconic SNK Neo Geo joystick controller as 8BitDo unveils its faithful remake for retro gaming enthusiasts. [Hypebeast] Link

Witness the awe-inspiring creation of Super Mario 64’s castle in Minecraft, a remarkable feat that will leave you amazed. [Ruetir] Link

Experience the ultimate convergence of gaming and productivity with this mocked-up Sega handheld gaming console that doubles as a pocketable digital calendar. [Yanko Design] Link

Taito is remastering classic laser-disc games in the LD Game Collection. [Destructoid] Link


Find out the intriguing reason behind why the classic film “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” had two different NES games with distinct gameplay experiences. [Pirates & Princesses] Link

The last cruisade was the best one, the new one is not great

Discover the costly battle where Nintendo punished pirates, as the price for infringing their intellectual property skyrockets from five hundred thousand to fourteen-five million. [Essentially Sports] Link


Destructoid showcases “Zaku,” a game that compresses passion into an Atari Lynx cartridge. [Destructoid] Link

Get insights into the world of video game design from industry veteran Takaya Imamura, known for his work on iconic Nintendo franchises like The Legend of Zelda and F-Zero. [Video Games Chronicle] Link

Atari teams up with Playmaji to develop Polymega console modules. [Destructoid] Link

Discover the fascinating reasons behind Nintendo’s role in making the Final Fantasy saga popular, delving into the strategic partnership that shaped the franchise’s success. [Ruetir] Link

I ❤️ Pixel Graphics

Discover the story behind the rarest game console in the world. [SlashGear] Link

Uncover the untold stories behind Nintendo’s mascot commercials and the unexpected dangers they faced. [GameRant] Link

Join Bubsy, the energetic bobcat, on his wacky adventures in “Bubsy in Clawed Encounters of the Furred Kind.” [DualShockers] Link

Experience the wonders of the Sega Genesis Mega Modem and its online capabilities in this fascinating video. [Digg] Link

Ever wondered how old Sonic the Hedgehog is? Well here you can find out. [CBR] Link


Lists & Rankings

Discover the ultimate ranking of the 25 best video game consoles ever released, encompassing iconic systems from different eras. [Den of Geek] Link

Unveil the hidden world of wrestling video games that never made it outside of Japan, featuring exclusive characters and unique gameplay. [The Sportster] Link

After some careful rebranding e-honda was ready to continue his video gaming career

Explore the dark side of Nintendo with these 10 captivating and eerie games that delve into the shadows of the gaming world. [CBR] Link

Embark on a nostalgic journey with the 7 best Game Boy games of all time, featuring timeless classics that have captured the hearts of gamers for generations. [A Little Bit Human] Link

Explore the thrilling world of video game vehicles and discover the 10 best rides in gaming history, from iconic cars to futuristic spacecraft. [DualShockers] Link

CBR explores the fascinating world of the first video game Easter eggs. [CBR] Link

I’m McDowell’s. They got the Golden Arches, mine is the Golden Arcs. They got the Big Mac, I got the Big Mick. We both got two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles and onions, but their buns have sesame seeds.

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Answer: The game is “Donkey Kong” for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), turning 36 this week.