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This week’s riddle from a game in history launched this week:

“I’m a puzzle game with colourful gems, Arrange them right, clear them in tandem, My characters’ names sound like sweets so dandy, I’m a classic on the Famicom candyland-y!

Can you guess the game (answer at the bottom)?

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Always wanted to play Halo on your Game Boy colour? Well, a studio has modded Doom to allow this, called Halo – Combat Devolved [Sofa Swordsman]. Link

Love the term “demake”

A new Game Boy game called “Year 2031” is set to release in June, featuring 2D graphics and classic gameplay, proving that even after 32 years since its original release, the Game Boy still has a special place in the hearts of retro gamers. [RuetirLink

Gimmick! is coming to Nintendo Switch Online in July, allowing gamers to experience one of the most charming and underrated NES games. [Nintendo LifeLink


“Barbie Fashion Designer” has been inducted into the Video Game Hall of Fame, but many fans are disappointed with the exclusion of “GoldenEye 007”. [RuetirLink

Atari has announced a new platformer game called Mr. Run and Jump, which features a fast-moving protagonist and challenging obstacles that require quick reflexes to overcome – it was first made as homebrew for the 2600. [Quarter DisorderLink

Mr Run & Jump


Nintendo apparently recruited Capcom to develop an open-world Legend of Zelda game, according to a recently uncovered memo that’s part of a massive data dump of internal documents from Nintendo that took place earlier this year. [CGMagOnlineLink

Never realised Zelda has a Tat on his hand.

This article traces the evolution of 3D gaming from the early days of polygonal graphics in arcade games to the immersive worlds of modern virtual reality experiences [Chart Attack]. Link

Check out this amazing Game Boy collection reminding us of the nostalgia and joy that these little devices brought to our lives. [Game RantLink

Link is a staple in the Nintendo universe, but his cameos in other games go beyond Super Smash Bros, as they have ranged from the NES era to current titles, and his presence is sure to make fans of the franchise happy [Destructoid]. Link

The article discusses the challenges of game development and the importance of recognizing failure as a valuable part of the creative process, citing examples from the development of games such as Diablo III and No Man’s Sky. [RuetirLink


This article explores the evolution of the iconic SEGA logo, detailing its various iterations and the brand’s history over the years, along with a visual guide to each logo [Fabrik Brands]. Link

Not really been that much of a change lately

And while we are at it, the Atari logo as well [Fabrik Brands]. Link

Did you know there was a Nintendo Joystick for the PC? Neither did I (and it does not even work on Nintendo consoles) [YouTube]. Link


Chocobos, Maraca, and Nintendo 64’s Super Mario 64 all make an appearance in this trip down memory lane, celebrating the year that saw the explosion of 32-bit consoles in 1996 [Ruetir]. Link

A look back at the ridiculous Nintendo Game Boy add-on that gave the console a miniature steering wheel, plus a light gun, and even a piano keyboard, among other things. [DiggLink

Premium retro-inspired streetwear

Lists & Rankings

Ranking all Sega consoles from worst to best, the author takes a nostalgic trip down memory lane and shares his thoughts on each of the consoles. [Cultured VulturesLink

Dualshockers has compiled a list of the top Atari 7800 games that are still worth playing today, including classic titles such as “Asteroids,” “Centipede,” and “Galaga,” as well as lesser-known games like “Meltdown” and “Desert Falcon.” [DualshockersLink

You too can launch strikes on the general population!

Learn some surprising facts about the Legend of Zelda series, including how the iconic “Z” logo was created and how the game was originally intended to feature time travel. [Den of GeekLink

Android Police has shared a humorous list of the “10 worst educational games” for children, including gems such as ‘Oregon Trail: Director’s Cut’ and ‘Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?’, which they describe as “as dry and dull as a doctor’s waiting room”. Link

Math Blaster (or MathS blaster as it should be)

Gear Rice has listed the five most expensive PAL Master System games on the collector’s market, including Sonic the Hedgehog and Phantasy Star, which can cost up to £1,500 each. [Gear RiceLink

Kotaku Australia compiled a list of the top 10 most bizarre and funniest cheats, secrets, and easter eggs in racing game history, featuring everything from crashing UFOs to giant chickens. [Kotaku AustraliaLink

Reliving a phone-free youth!

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(Answer: Puzzle Bobble, Nintendo Famicom, May 20, 1994, it will be 29 years old this week)