Retro Gaming Weekly News #0042

Hello and welcome to Newsletter 42! We have some exciting news and articles to share with you today, covering Ocarina of Time secrets, the WOAT, DK Lego and Wi-Fi for the NES(?!).

This week a game as hard as they come was released, in case this is not enough to guess, here is a riddle [answer at the bottom]:

I’m a side-scrolling adventure game, where you play as a knight, with a sword and a shield to fight the fight. You’ll encounter many dangers, from goblins to ghosts, but with your trusty weapons, you’ll be the one who boasts. You’ll have to jump and run, climb and explore, to defeat the evil that’s in store.

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A modder has created a unique NES cartridge featuring built-in Wi-Fi, allowing players to connect to the internet and play online without the need for a separate device or adapter. [Yahoo! Lifestyle] Link

Some people are real-life wizards.

“GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon to receive a physical release on Switch.” The upcoming action game inspired by a 1987 NES game will be available as a physical release in addition to its digital release on the Nintendo Switch. [Otaku Study] Link

The classic side-scrolling action game Shinobi will be released on PC on May 25th, featuring updated graphics and sound. [Game-News24] Link

Kirby’s Dream Land GB: Sakurai reveals the game’s development secrets in a new video – Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of Kirby’s Dream Land GB, has shared some development secrets in a new video on the game’s official Japanese Twitter account. [YouTube] Link

Nintendo is adding new levels to Super Mario Bros. 3, but scaling generates problems. The company has been using machine learning to generate new levels for the classic game, but some players have reported issues with the scaling of the levels, making it difficult to progress. [MediaRunSearch] Link

A new trick has been discovered in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time that lets you warp to different locations quickly, and it’s been hiding in plain sight all these years. [Ruetir] Link

The next expansion to the Lego Super Mario line will include a playable Donkey Kong level that can be built and interacted with, featuring a buildable jungle environment and iconic obstacles like barrels, all controlled through the Mario figure’s LCD display [AOL]. Link

A copy of the first-ever issue of Club Nintendo, a Spanish magazine published by Nintendo, sold for a whopping €100,000 in an online auction held on April 23. [Ruetir] Link

Fans have created a port of Wolfenstein 3D for the Sega Genesis, also known as the Sega Mega Drive, which is available to play for free. The port was created as part of an annual programming competition and is a testament to the enduring popularity of the classic first-person shooter game. [Game News 24] Link

Limited Run Games has teased a new game release to commemorate the 30th anniversary of “Jurassic Park.” [Twitter] Link

/partridge mode “Jurassic Park

The 1994 Philips CD-i game ‘Zelda’s Adventure’ has been ported unofficially to the Game Boy using the GB Studio engine, complete with a new 8-bit soundtrack and other tweaks. [GoNintendo]. Link

“He F***ed the Girl Out of Me” – an interactive story game – will be getting a physical Game Boy release through the publisher Incube8 Games. The game features a branching storyline that explores the life of a high school student named Max, with choices made by the player affecting the outcome of the game. The release will include a limited edition version with a special Game Boy cartridge and packaging, as well as a standard edition. [GoNintendo]. Link

Atari has released replica PCBs for some of its classic arcade games, including Black Widow, Gravitar, and Major Havoc, to help preserve the games for future generations. [Destructoid] Link:

The ???? game cases


With the imminent release of the new Zelda game – TechRadar has published how to play every game in release order” which provides a chronological guide on how to play every game in the Zelda franchise in the order they were released [TechRadar] Link

A look at some interesting facts and trivia about the Mega Drive console, including its different names in different regions, its role in the video game console wars, and its unique sound capabilities. [Ruetir] Link

Michael Jordan is one of the ’90s icons, but he stopped appearing in video games in the ’90s due to a licensing dispute. Want to know more? Fadeaway World goes into more detail. Link

Giving MJ the Bird

This MSN article discusses several video game remakes that were never released outside of Japan, including a remake of “Dragon Quest V” for the PlayStation 2 and a remake of “MOTHER” for the Game Boy Advance. Link

Den of Geek explores the significance of the Sega Saturn game “Panzer Dragoon Saga”, detailing how it innovated on the traditional role-playing game formula and highlighting its impact on the genre as a whole. Link

Take a trip down memory lane with these photos of people from the 90s gathering around the TV and playing video games together, capturing the spirit of gaming in the era before online gaming took over. [VICE] Link

Remember these times well, sadly my picture was with fewer girls

Lists and Rankings

This MSN article ranks the top 10 Mario enemies, from the most to least interesting or memorable it includes classic enemies such as Goombas and Koopa Troopas, as well as newer enemies such as the Broodals from Super Mario Odyssey. Link

chain chomps in super mario world
Annoying af

Want to know the best modern consoles to play retro games? Then Tech-Exec has got a rundown of all of the latest consoles to do this. Link

From E.T. for the Atari 2600 to Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis, these are the worst games ever made (the WOAT) that made gamers question why they ever picked up a controller [Invision Community].Link

The Atari 7800 may have flown under the radar compared to other consoles of its era, but it still had some great games, including Donkey Kong, Centipede, and Asteroids. [Fandomspot] Link

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The answer to the game (if you did not already guess it), is Super Ghouls and Ghosts (or Goblins depending on where you are from) which is 32 this week (launched 3rd May 1991)