Retro Gaming Weekly News #0041

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In this week’s newsletter we cover Nintendo taking a cautious approach to controversy, the Sega Lynx portable that never was, Atari on an IP buying frenzy, and even some love for the Neo-Geo.

????️ Can you guess the game released this week in history?

I’m a spinning marsupial, quite brave and bold, On a 32-bit Sony console, my adventures unfold. Against an evil scientist, I constantly fight, To save my girlfriend and make things right.

Can you guess the game? ????



???? Nintendo reportedly changed the name of a character in the Mario Bros Movie to prevent any racial controversy [Yahoo]. Link

Here is the original Blackie – now Spike. Is this deadnaming? Don’t cancel me.

The fan’s word on the best Nintendo controllers is here – from Nintendo Life. Link


Top 10?

Did you know the Atari Lynx ???? was almost Segas first handheld [Globe Live Media]? Link

Code breakthrough: Coders successfully decompile Paper Mario, paving the way for a potential fan-made PC port [Overclock3D]. Link

Atari has purchased a load more Retro gaming IP, including Bubsy. They are on a spending spree. Not sure why [Metro]. Link

Classic additions: Nintendo Switch Online expands its retro game lineup with titles like Street Fighter II and more [Niche Gamer]. Link






Masahiro Sakurai, a Nintendo legend, delves into the rich past of the Famicom and NES, gaming’s golden consoles [Essentially Sports]. Link

This is Kirby’s dad, no pictures are available of the mum, but she must have been an interesting-looking lady.

Explore a comprehensive (????) ranking of the best Super Mario Bros. games, from classics to Nintendo Switch titles [Kotaku]. Link

Hackaday looks back at the Sega Master System 8-Bit 3D glasses ????. Link

The Neo Geo was a thing of legend when I was younger, with crazy expensive games, I saw it in magazines and could only imagine what owning one must be like. News Nation World has the top 5 most expensive carts just in case you were one of the lucky owners. Link

Still Want ????

Or maybe more interesting? Discover the 15 least-loved Mario video games that failed to live up to the franchise’s high standards [Yardbarker]. Link

Retro revival: Ryo Mukai’s one-component light pen build offers a modern replacement for the rare 1980s Vectrex accessory []. Link

If you know the Vertex, you know.


Explore the evolution of handheld gaming and the impact of culture and technology on the market [Tech EDT]. Link

Celebrate a classic: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past turns 31, reflecting its enduring legacy and impact on Nintendo [Inverse]. Link

Unearth the past: Naughty Dog’s long-forgotten RPG, Rings of Power, offers a glimpse into the studio’s early days – and had a topless woman in the intro ???? [DualShockers]. Link

Naughty naughty, very naughty(dog)

The Guardian (of all places – Retro is really getting mainstream) gives you a beginner’s guide to the world of Super Mario, covering essential games, tips, and trivia. Link



Lists & Rankings

????️ Uncover the secrets: Delve into 15 lesser-known facts about the iconic Super Nintendo console and its history [Den of Geek]. Link

Discover top retro Sega games that have yet to be ported, leaving fans eagerly awaiting their potential return [CBR]. Link

I am not sure how this passed me by, but I loved Another World so will be checking this out shortly

???? Blast from the past: Check out these 10 formerly huge gaming franchises that are ripe for a revival [Destructoid]. Link

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[Answer: Crash Bandicoot, Sony PlayStation, Released in Europe on April 24, 1996 – turning 27 years old this week]