Retro Gaming Weekly News #0040

Welcome to this week’s Retro Gaming Newsletter! ????️ Let’s dive into our little trivia challenge to kick things off. This week, we’re looking at a game that was released in the week commencing April 17th:

Clue 1: This action-adventure game was released for a Nintendo console known for its revolutionary 3D graphics.

Clue 2: The protagonist, wearing a green tunic, embarks on a quest to save a princess and the land of Hyrule.

Clue 3: This game introduced time travel, allowing the hero to switch between young and adult forms.

Can you guess the game? ????



???? Remember Zool, the ninja from the ’90s? Learn about the history of this intergalactic hero, who’s making a comeback with “Zool Redimensioned” on PS4! [Games Hub]. Link

“Are you the Keymaster?” – “I am the Keymaster.” – “I’m looking for the Gatekeeper.” – “Only Zool.”

The Mario Bros theme has been added to the Library of Congress – making it the first video game theme to have this honour. ???????? [Yahoo Entertainment] Link

☀️ Sunsoft’s resurgence continues: A year after their comeback, the legendary game company held their second live-stream event (below) [Gameranx]. Link

???? Sega swoops in with a $776 million offer to acquire Angry Birds creator Rovio, signalling a potential major deal in the gaming industry. [Reuters] Link

In what might be the most random story this week – someone has made a NES into an attack robot ????- the NEStroyer [TecheBlog]. Link

Nintendo has established a new R&D division – claiming it will take “the originality of Nintendo and the technological knowledge of DeNA as the driving force to create new innovations for the world” [Reutir]. Link

Someone has built the perfect LEGO Nintendo Game Boy, a delightful brick-built tribute to the handheld that started it all [Technabob]! ???? Link

There have been some HD Texture packs released for NES games for the Mesen emulator and take the graphics on games to a SNES-like level. Very cool [YouTube]. Link


From pixelated adventures to cinematic marvels, delve into the tale of Super Mario Bros. as they make the ambitious leap from gaming classics to the silver screen! ????️???? [Ruetir]. Link

????️ Portable nostalgia: Check out this custom-built portable MSX2 that lets you enjoy classic games on the go [Hackaday]. Link



Celebrate 40 years of pipes, power-ups, and princesses, as we reminisce on the incredible journey of the Mario Bros. from their arcade origins to gaming royalty! ???????? [Inverse]. Link

If you have not seen the Mario Bros film yet (I have not ????), then maybe skip this – as Joblo gives you all of the Easter Eggs found in the film. Link

Feast your eyes on a visual banquet as GameRant showcases the most aesthetically stunning home console designs that have graced our living rooms! ????????. Link

From Hyrule to the Mushroom Kingdom, The Week speculates which beloved Nintendo games could make the exciting jump from console to cinema after Super Mario Bros ????????. Link

Prepare for a colossal encounter as a museum is constructing a 20-foot-tall interactive Donkey Kong arcade machine, taking nostalgia to new heights! ????️???? [Yahoo News]. Link

Swing into action with GoNintendo as they explore Donkey Kong’s many designs and share some tantalising trivia about our favourite barrel-throwing simian. ???????? Link

Brazil has long been a bastion of Sega due to Tektoy and a long history, and there have been some interesting releases. The most recent discovery is a plug-and-play Sega Master system [Ruetir]. Link

Kev Bayliss (the designer of Donkey Kong for the SNES and many more) has shared some early designs for the character [Twitter]. Link

???? Celebrating 45 years of Space Invaders: Take a look back at Tomohiro Nishikado’s legendary creation and its lasting impact on gaming [Wired]. Link


???? Neo Geo cartridge collectors, take note: Discover the most expensive and sought-after titles in the world of Neo Geo collecting [Gear Rice]. Link


Lists & Rankings

Take a nostalgic warp-pipe ride through the Mario-verse as GameRant ranks every NES adventure of our favourite plumber, from pixel-perfect to It’s-a me, Mediocre-o! ???? [GameRant]. Link

Embark on a quest through Hyrule as The Nerd Stash ranks the Legend of Zelda games by difficulty, separating the Hero of Time from the casual adventurer! Link

Unearth the hidden gems of retro gaming as GameRant reveals the rarest and most valuable N64 games that collectors would go bananas for! ???????? [GameRant] Link

CBR has a “top 10” (surprise surprise) of Nintendo adverts with famous actors. Link

???? A feast for the eyes: Explore the most visually pleasing home console designs throughout gaming history [Game Rant]. Link

???? Ranking nostalgia: Dive into a breakdown of the best and worst games included in the upcoming Sonic Origins Plus collection. [True Trophies] Link

That’s it for this week’s Retro Gaming Newsletter! We hope you enjoyed catching up on the latest news, from the potential acquisition of Rovio by Sega to Sunsoft’s ongoing resurgence. Don’t forget to explore the best console designs, dive into the world of Neo Geo collecting, and check out the portable MSX2. Until next week, happy gaming! ????????️????

Answer: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Nintendo 64, Released in Japan on April 17, 1998 – turning 25 years old this week