???? Retro Gaming Weekly News #0038

Welcome to the 38th issue. In this week’s newsletter, this week we cover articles from the New Your Times and Esquire (????), alternative Nintendo inventions, Ryu promoting eye care and the best controllers for button mashing.

Released on the 6th of April in 1992 was one of the very best gun and run games. Here is a riddle to give you a clue as to what it is.

In the land of the rising sun, an invasion began, On a console with 16 bits, it’s where I stand. Two heroes, their mission to thwart and to thwart, The year’s ninety-two, the sixth of the fourth.

My title speaks of conflict, the third in the row, Alien adversaries, they must overthrow. A run-and-gun adventure, in your hands it lies, What am I? A game where heroes shoot for the skies.


8Bit do are a solid company that makes some excellent products based on retro designs. They have just upgraded their SN30 Pro controller so it now works like a dream for Mac emulation [Ars Tech]. Link

In the most random news, the characters from Street Fighter II have appeared in an advert for Eye Drops in Japan [YouTube]. Link

Take the blue pill.

Project EGG is reportedly going to bring MSX and Neo Geo titles to the Nintendo Switch [Nintendo Life]. Link

A Rare co-founder demonstrated a beta copy of Twelve Tales: Conker 64, which was eventually scrapped and replaced with Conkers Bad Fur Day [My Nintendo News]. Link

A Reddit user has converted an N64 into an arcade cabinet ????. Link

The Ocarina of time is one of the very best, and CryZENx has given it a makeover using Unreal Engine 5.2 – and it looks very cool [TecheBlog]. Link


The New York Times rarely gets a hallowed slot on here, but they have a cool-looking article on Why Tetris consumed your brain. Link

Pocket Lint has a feature on older technologies that will baffle the modern generation. An excellent trip down memory lane to relive such delights as cassette tapes, overhead projectors and Gamegears. Link

The new series of Succession is out (well worth a watch) and Kieran Culkin shares his list of essential video games – with retro games coming out on top [Esquire]! Link

With the new Mario film close to release, CBR revisits how the original 90’s film could have been very different. Link

Geek Tyrant gives you some ideas to relax, by repairing and restoring old video game consoles. Kind of like adult colouring in (but with better results at the end). Link

We Got This Covered go back in time and look at some of Nintendo’s lesser-known games (mostly pre-Famicom). Some cool things I was not aware of. Link

Limited edition range, selling fast!

Atari are on a tear, and they are publishing a VR game for the PSVR2 called Pixel Ripped 1978, which is about a woman called bug who is working at Atari during the early days of gaming, and covers a lot of classic Atari games [YouTube]. Link

List and Rankings

The rankers at The Gamer give you their view on the 10 best controllers for maximum button-mashing satisfaction. Link

Destructoid gives the Yoshi franchise some love by giving you the 10 best Yoshi games of all time. Link

GameRant has a list of peripherals that you can buy now for your super Nintendo (mostly controllers). Link

One of the best things about the N64 was the 4 controller ports as standard, this led to some heated multiplayer battles (mostly on ISS and Goldeneye). Critical Hit gives to you the best N64 multiplayer games. Link

The Saturn does not get much love in this newsletter, mostly because there is limited news or features, but this week’s Pro Game Guides gives to you the 15 best games on the Sega Saturn! Link

Game Over. Did you guess the game from the riddle? It was Contra III: The Alien Wars (aka Super Probotector: Alien Rebels).

We are counting down the top 20 games on TikTok and Instagram if you wanted to see our verdict.