???? Retro Gaming Weekly News #0037

Welcome back to the newsletter, and as winter turns to spring-time for a clear-out and maybe a rediscovery of some classic gaming gems. 30 years ago this week, the best-ever Dolphin game was released for the Sega Megadrive. It needs no introduction, but if you have not played Ecco, then you can play it online here.

This week is a bit lighter than usual, for no other reason than there is not so much going on.

This week’s newsletter has TinyTendos, Famiclones, and the end of an NES ritual.


Augusto Baffa has designed the BaffaNES, which is a dual-slot Famicom clone with some nice expansion capabilities. Needs a case, but still a nice project [YouTube]. Link

Whilst we are at modern takes on retro consoles, Macho Nacho Productions has shared a TinyTendo project which is the world’s smallest NES with OG hardware [YouTube]. Link

Hold me closer TinyTendo

Atari has been on an IP buying spree and has added Night Give Studios to its portfolio. Night dive made some classics for the N64 such as Doom 64 and Turok and most recently System Shock which is due out soon. Link

Sonic Origins has been announced by Sega (due to launch 23-Jun) and it contains 12 Game Gear titles and a feast of other Sonic games [Nintendo Life]. Link



Blowing on a NES cartridge to make it play, is synonymous with retro gaming as useless peripherals. But IGNimplores you not to perform this ritual – instead, focus on how to prevent the need for this at all. Link

With the imminent release of The Super Mario Bros movie, Looper takes a look at some other franchises that should be given the big screen treatment (in the right way not like the OG Mario film), Link

Lists & Rankings

Castlevania is a classic series of games and anime, so DualSHOCKERS has compiled a list of the 10 best games of the series. Link

Number 3 – can you guess the name?

GameSpot gives their take on the top 15 Genesis games of all time and there are some mentioned that I will check out as they were not on my list before (Monster World IV). Link

As soon as I get some free time I am going to give this as go!

And that’s all for this week. As ever, thanks to everyone that helps to spread the word on this newsletter, and I hope that you find it useful If you have any feedback, please do message us on Instagram, Tiktok or Twitter.