Retro Gaming Weekly News #0036

Welcome to issue #36. This week we cover OG flying Yoshi, limited edition consoles, a retro hardware review and some N64 lists and other rankings. Please check us out on TikTok and Instagram where we are going through the top 20 NES games of all time.


Did you know that Yoshi originally had wings? Well neither did I, but apparently, he was depicted as being so in the “official” Nintendo guide for the game “Yoshi” for the Famicom game in 1992 [Twitter]. Link

Looks like a bit of a bad trip.


The final trailer for the new Mario film is out and I am very excited. It looks true to the games and is packed with easter eggs and references [YouTube]. Link

A spin-off to Super Meat Boy has been announced and Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine hugely inspires the 4p game [Polygon]. Link

Atari has announced that they have acquired 12 retro gaming IPs including the acquisition of Frenzy and Berzerk [Atari]. Link



Gear Rice has a cool look at limited edition consoles with a couple of retro mentions. Link

Hopefully the added power of coke will make the batteries last longer.

Bolly Inside report on a panel discussion with Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night creator Koji Igarashi who talks about how Japanese video games became a global phenomenon. Link

CNET review the EverCade EXP which is a handheld device with 18 Capcom games and 5 indie game and can be played both in a vertical and horizontal position (great for shooters). Looks like some really nice hardware. Link

Quite the beauty.

Where it had been announced that ToeJam and Earl were getting a film, MovieWeb takes a look at these cult characters. Link

Lists and Rankings

Movieweb gives you the 20 strangest video games based on films. Lots of games I was not familiar with and worth a read. Link

We are going to need a bigger boat

Dual Shockers love lists and love giving you their view so here you have their take on the 10 Best Video Characters of All Time. Some good shouts, but also some huge commissions. Link

And while they are at it, they give you the 10 best N64 FPS games. Link

Retro Dodo gets in on the N64 love and gives to you the 10 most underrated N64 games. Link