Retro Gaming Weekly News #0035

Welcome to issue #35 of the newsletter, this week we cover the Sega Uranus, impossible 1-ups and some lists including the top Kirby games ever.

29 years ago today Super Mario Land 3 was released for the OG Gameboy! Wanna give it a play? You can play it here. Link



Super Metroid for the SNES has been recompiled and ported to the PC [TechSpot]. Link

Japan always got the better boxes.

A speed runner who has managed to get what was thought to be an impossible 1-up mushroom in Mario 64 – by wall jumping for 1 hour???? [YouTube]. Link

The composer Soyo Oka who worked on the music for Super Mario Kart, Super Mario All-Stars and Pilotwinfs has released a new ChipTune album called LOOP816 (it sounds very catchy) [Twitter]. Link

Got an old SNES Mouse lying around and want to add it to your setup. Now you can thanks to an adaptor [Hackster]. Link


A modder has made the Sega Saturn portable and named it the Uranus, it is missing a disk drive as you might expect, but looks kind of cool and similar to the unreleased Venus [RetroDodo]. Link

Hands-on with Uranus

RetroDodo is crowdfunding another book – this time it is a handheld history from 88-95. Link


Polygon has a nice article on discovering the many secrets of Super Mario Bros 3. Link

Nintendo Life celebrated Mar10 day with a look back at 40 years of Super Mario TV adverts. Link

Final Weapon takes a look at the rivalry between Sony and Nintendo. Link


Lists & Rankings

CBR has provided us with a list of the 10 Best SNES Franchises, with some notable games that have not ever received more love (Earthbound for example). Link

Attack of the Fan Boy has a top 10 Kirby games list. Link

Just seeing these colours transports me back to the 90’s

LifeHacker provides you with their view on 18 must-play vintage games on the Nintendo Switch. Link

Capcom is a legendary developer, making some of the most beloved series in gaming, so Game Rant took it upon themselves to give you their view on the top 8 of their 16-bit games. Link


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