Retro Gaming Weekly News #0034

Welcome to this week’s newsletter, this week there is a (future) birthday to celebrate (7th March), and whilst on the borderline of retro gaming, he is quite significant in gaming in general. The only clues I will give is that he was (or will be) born in 2511 and is as significant to his brand as Mario is to Nintendo. Can you guess who it is?



Gizmodo report on another custom Game Boy, this time a Game Boy DS Advance SP with two actual screens. Link


Nintendo has announced that the Egg Catcher game from the NES version of Kirby’s adventure will be returning as a 4p game in Kirby’s Return to Dreamland on the Switch. Link

A Fan has created a playable custom track for Mario Kart 8 based on the Ocarina of Time [GameRant]. Link

It’s Mar10 day this week and Nintendo has a celebration video to commemorate this. Link


This CBR article describes the forgotten PC version of Super Mario Bros. developed by Hudson Soft, which was vastly different from the original game, featuring new power-ups, enemies, levels, and scrolling mechanics, but due to various “issues,” it was never released outside of Japan and South Korea. Link

BuiltIn has a very cool feature about some gaming vaporware that (by definition) never made it to market – no surprise why when you see some of them. Link

My Nintendo News reveal how the Star Fox team got their names. Link

RetroShell continues its top 20 list with the Sega Megadrive/Genesis on TikTok. Link

Lifehacker has taken a list of the best ways to store old video games ( is not on the list but we are biased). Link

Destructoid asks the question: “What’s your favourite Sega Mega Drive soundtrack?” – and some classics are shared. Link

CBR looks back at a cancelled Star Wars game for the Atari 2600 which would have had playable Ewoks. Link


Gadgets now have a well-presented feature on game consoles through the years. Link


Lists and Rankings

Keen Gamer has a list of the top 5 Disney NES games for kids. Link

Gotta Love 8-Bit NES Style

With the release of the port of Metroid Prime Remastered on the Switch Destructoid takes a look at the best 10 Metroid games of all time. Link

Pro Game Guides rank the top Zelda games of all time with no mention of Zelda CD-i. Link

GameRant has a list of the best N64 games for the Nintendo switch online. Link

CBR give you 10 games that were accidentally made unwinnable, Like Airwolf on the Amstrad CPC which crashed before you could complete it. Link

Thanks for reading! The upcoming birthday is Master Chief – so happy 488 years to your birth Chief! Please do share this with other like-minded folks.