Retro Gaming Weekly News #0031

Welcome to issue #31, tomorrow is a special day. It is the 57th birthday of a very famous fighter from one of the greatest fighting games ever. Despite being a fighter, he is also a movie star and wears a red gi. Can you guess who he is (answer at the bottom)?




Atari has revealed pre-orders for a master collection of 10 games for the 2600 and they look amazing – but $1000 and limited to 100 units. Link

Beautiful Designs, but $100 each.

Konami is selling its latest ‘Power Pros’ baseball video game for $1. It started as a game or the Super Famicom and has not been so popular outside Japan (for the PS4/Switch) [Video Games Chronicle). Link

Some smart gamer has made a Mario game in No Man’s Sky [Giant Freakin Robot]. Link

And another has made the Legend of Zelda in Minecraft [AFK Gamer]. Link

Nintendo has announced that they are bringing some classic Game Boy and Game Boy Advanced games to the switch, including Super Mario World and Tetris [Axios]. Link

Universal Studios will be doing a live stream of the opening of Super Mario World on the 15th of February (Wednesday). Link

And if you want to know the Mushroom Cafe menu – then Pirates and Princesses have got you covered. Link

That is a tasty burger.

A speedrunner has broken the record to complete Mario 64 – in only 46 mins, and 56 seconds [Reutir]. Link

Earthworm Jim 4 has been officially cancelled [MXDWN]. Link

Analogue has announced final orders for the Super NT (with an all-black version) and Mega SG – beautiful hardware. Link





Reutir has a feature on the mystery of Bowser’s brother, the other villain of Mario. Link

And they also have an article on how Zelda revolutionised the industry. Link

Study Finds has a list of the top 5 video games ever, and three are retro games. Link

“Get something that’s fun to play, then think about the story” – the Guardian have a feature on how and why Nintendo continue to succeed. Link


Lists and Rankings

CBR share a list of the 10 best Anime video games that were not released in the West. Link

Shacknews look back at the best-selling Zelda games of all time. Link

The Gamer gives you the best Star Trek games of the 90’s. Link

Who was the best captain?

And they also give you 7 8-bit era games that still hold up well today. Link

8 Bit Wonders

GamePur ranks the best 10 Sonic games. Link

CBR give you a list of the 10 best secret worlds in gaming. Link

And that’s a wrap. Ken is the birthday boy! Thanks for reading, if you want to follow our series on the top 20 SNES games you can do so on Tiktok, Instagram or YouTube – and we also have a RetroShell Reddit. Thanks for reading!