Retro Gaming Weekly News #0030

Month one of 2023 is complete! This week in 1990 one of the greatest games of all time was released on the NES. Can you guess what it was? I’ll give you a clue if you found an instrument you could progress quickly [answer at the bottom].

We have been doing a quick video of the top 20 SNES games ever, doing a 30-second video for each, and you can check these out on our TikTok, Instagram or YouTube accounts.



If you are a fan of Japanese-exclusive games then you might be pleased to hear that the Super Famicom game -Kaizou Choujin Shubibinman Zero has been fan translated as Shockman Zero, and it looks like fun [Destructoid]. Link

There is a lot to love about this type of game.

There are rumours abound of there being a Lego Zelda set which might be released at the same time as the new game [Gossip Chimp]. Link

Limited Run Games have begun pre-orders for the 3DO/PC game “D”. Link

Nice to see the 3DO getting some love.

Whilst we are on Zelda, The Gamer report that A Link to the Past has been ported to the PC. Link

Crunchyroll games have released Hime’s Quest (a new game for the Game Boy Colour) for the PC for free! Link

Love to give baddies a good old-fashioned debugging….?

Nick Offerman – the lead for “The Last of Us” (well worth a watch) has never played the game he is performing for. Why? Banjo-Kazooie for the N64, that’s why []. Link

Goldeneye is finally on the Xbox – but they kept in the original bugs to “preserve authenticity” [IGN]. Link

The PS5 has finally outsold the Sega Megadrive – with sales of 32m units [Kit Guru]. Link

The Sega Astro City Mini V Cabinet is available in Europe [GameSpew] with 22 actual arcade games installed. Want. Link



The Boar has a feature on 50 years of gaming, from Pong to the PS5. Link

The Express has a feature looking at some of the best video game books, with some notable mentions for a number of retro-related publications. Link

Love a good book

The Gamer reveals that Sonic was up against an egg to be the mascot for sega. Link

Game Rant looks back at 6 things that the Game Boy Advance did better than most other handheld consoles. Link

Who does not love dinosaurs? Skoar takes a look back on the brief history of dinos and video games, from Turok to Yoshi (is Yoshi a dinosaur…?_). Link



Lists & Rankings

Nintendo Life gives their view on the 50 best Game Boy games of all time. Link

Little grey bundles of joy.

Exputer tells you the best 35 multiplayer N64 games. Link

Game Fragger looks back at 38 years of Spider-Man in video games. Link

Not sure why, but I loved this picture.

Cultured Vultures presents to you the 15 best Sega Saturn games of all time. Link

That’s all folks. The answer to today’s question is Mario 3 (the magic flute was the clue). Thanks for reading, and if you enjoy this, please do share the love.