Retro Gaming Weekly News #0029

Welcome to this week’s edition of the newsletter, 31 years ago this week one of the greatest RPG games ever was released in Japan for the Sony PlayStation. The focus of the game is to save the planet from Mako – can you guess the game?



Someone has upgraded their NES to generate Bitcoin whilst he is playing Super Mario. Definitely not a get-rich-quick scheme [Twitter]. Link

Square Enix has issued a survey asking fans what HD-2D games they would like to see next, you have until the 8th Feb to vote [In Japanese]. Link

Super Nintendo World is opening on 17th Feb in Universal Studios in Hollywood – and GameXplain has captured more than 30 Easter eggs found and shared it on video [YouTube]. Link

US Customs (apparently) ruined a graded and sealed copy of Pokémon Yellow for the OG Gameboy [CBR]. Link

Limited Run Games start taking pre-orders for their Gameboy game “Melon Journey (Pocket)” for $45. Link

Love everything about this

Game Reactor reviews the “N64 Encyclopedia” by Chris Scullion. Link

Does what it says on the tin

Xbox has launched the N64 Classic Goldeneye for Game Pass [Xbox]. Link

Wonder Boy Anniversary collection is now available on the Nintendo Switch [My Nintendo News]. Link

Naoto Ohshima (the Sonic artist and game designer) has been answering questions on Twitter and shared some early art showing that Sonic was proposed as being a human child and the game was pitched as being called “Twin Stars”. [Reutir]. Link

Remut (a musician who releases music on old games) is remaking a classic German Film called “Decoder” on the Sega Genesis/Megadrive) and you can pre-order for €34.99/€44.99 [Real Otaku Gamer]. Link

In homebrew news, a talented person is bringing Castle Vania to the Sega Master System [YouTube]. Link

Very good looking by Master System standards.

8 Bit Mods have started shipping the RetroTime N64 Bluetooth controller received with a memory pack. Now you can play your N64 using a large range of controllers! [New Stock Due 13th March]. Link



Cultured Vultures has a list of the 15 best Sega Game Gear games of all time. Link

Softonic looks back at the best (and most random) ads in the history of video games. Link

The best ads (and the most random) in the history of video games

Mistah MegaManFan has done a video on some of the unlicensed games that were released on the Sega Megadrive/Genesis – Oh Mummy, Elf Wor, and Xeno Crisis [YouTube]. Link


Lists & Rankings

Paste Magazine has a list of the best Fire Emblem Games, can’t say I have ever played one, am I missing out? Link

And if you want to play them in order, ATOF has got you covered. Link

Bingeful gives you their opinion of the best Fighting games of the 90s. Link

The Gamer give their list of the best “Black Box” NES games (games that came in the OG standard Black Box – see below). Link

NES black box games

And that’s a wrap, thanks for reading, the answer to the question is Final Fantasy VII. If you want more content and updates, you can follow us on TikTok, Instagram or Twitter.