Retro Gaming Weekly News #0028

Happy Monday! A character from a famous fighting franchise turns 56 this week (27th Jan). He is known for his agility and speed and was known as “Balrog” in Japan. Can you guess this week’s birthday boy?




Did anyone hear of Cannon Dancer? Aka Osman? Me neither, it was an arcade-only game that has finally made it to the home consoles and it looks great [EGM Now]. Link

Gonna give this a try, looks most excellent.

Reto Bit Gaming has announced a Game Boy Player-inspired GameCube controlled [Nintendo Life]. Link

Nice or ugly AF?

If you have not seen it already, then you have to check out this amazing retro gaming setup shared. Link


Promotional video games still happen, you often find a TV series accompanied by a mobile game, but back in the day, it was a more experimental phase and it gave the world some really strange combinations, Cracked dives deeper. Link

Harald Hardtooth: Fight of the Clean Teeth 000000 1UP RELEASED ON: COMMODORE 64 CRACKED.COM Released in Denmark, this is Colgate's answer to the question where is an anthropomorphic tooth to fight bacteria in the ramshack town that is my diseased mouth?
No caption needed.

GameRant has a look at why so many RPG’s were missed on the N64. Link

Spoiler, cartridges have less storage space than CDs. Remember multi-CD games, I cant think of any multi-cartridge N64 games…

Final Weapon looks back at the evolution of video game controllers. Link#

I had a Megadrive as my first real console (I had a Game Boy before this), and Super Jump Magazine takes a trip down memory lane looking at the console designed to dominate the NES. Link

90’s AF

Whilst we are on Sonic, Reutir has some rare facts on Sonic the Hedgehog. Link

Early design ideas

Nerdbot has a feature looking at the ever-popular Hyperspin arcade systems. Link



Lists and Rankings

ScreenRant looks back at the 10 Genesis (Megadrive) games that made SNES owners jelly. No mention of the massively underrated LandStalker. Link

When a screenshot along brings back such sweet memories.

Kotaku, the usually solid gaming news platform shows us that no outlet is too big for a ranking – and gives their view on the Pokemon games ranked. Link

Slashgear has the 15 rarest N64 games. Link

A Nintendo 64 console and controller with game cartridges
Fun fact, the N64 carts cost developers $30 where as the CD consoles at the time were a mere $1

Pocket Tactics also gives their opinion on the best games for the Game Boy Advance. Link


Thanks for reading, we will be back next week, the answer to today’s question is the Spanish bullfighter – Vega.