Retro Gaming Weekly News #0027

Welcome to issue #27! Not really, so much was released historically this week and I could not find any birthdays, so let’s celebrate 29 years to the release of Super Maio Land 3 on the Gameboy.


A NES Zelda VR remake using a Doom mod is (or maybe has) being made, based on the Famicom Disk System Legend of Zelda. Confused? Read more [TechSpot]. Link

This NES Zelda VR remake was created using a Doom mod

Sega has shut down ‘The Unofficial MD/GEN: A Visual Compendium’ book that was being developed by Bitmap. Strange when you consider they let a Master System one get made and Nintendo (who are the kings of litigation) let theirs go []. Link

Bitmap Books says it tried to stick to third-party titles, but Sega still shut the project down. Picture: Bitmap Books
This might be as close to the book as you will ever get

Want to run Java on your N64? Well, you might be in luck [Hackaday]. Link

Because why not



Could you name the NES launch titles? GameRant looks back at the USA launch lineup. Link

Why was Mario blue…?

“While we are at it we might as well do the SNES launch titles as well.” – Someone at the GameRant offices (there were only 5). Link

“Shall we do the N64 as well?” GameRantLink

Slashgear want to tell you about what they consider to be the best video game launches of all time! Link

I love a failed console, there is something special for me about the hype and eventual downfall of the next big thing (I purchased a Tiger R-Zone after discovering it whilst making this newsletter). GameRant has a list of 8 good games on failed consoles. Link#

The Apprentice (bottom right) for the Philips CDi had some good looking graphics.

It’s 1985, the great video game crash happened and the Famicom was slowly restoring faith in the industry, but did you know Atari was going to be the company to bring the NES to the West it was to be called the “Advance Video System”? Inverse talk about it being shown at CES and the subsequent rest of the story [Inverse]. Link

Totalntertainment looks back in a shot feature of the evolution of music in video games. Link

Some of you might have seen the 80’s cartoons of Mario and Zelda, but there were more planned. CBR revealed which almost made it. Link

I can’t unsee Pac-Man in Mario’s eyes

The Enlightened Mindset (?!) has a nice feature on the creative minds behind the Sony Playstation. Link

Use RetroShell to stop your games from getting damaged



Den of Geek gives you 15 NES game secrets you never knew existed – like the password for Metroid “Engage Ridley Mother F*cker” I kid you not (replace the star with the letter). Link

Metroid NES
Engage Ridley one more time, I dare you I double dare you mother f*cker.

Nintendo Life has run a reader poll and given you the 50 best NES games of all time. Hard to argue with the results, but I will not spoil them for you. Link

Pocket Tactics give their view on the beat games for the OG Game Boy & Color. Link

Everyone loves a golf game.

The Virtual Boy was a strange thing, I own one but must admit I do not play it at all as it’s really not easy on the neck. Destructoid ranks the 10 best games for the system. Link

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