Retro Gaming Weekly News #0026

I hope everyone’s new year is starting well. This week 36 years ago a Zelda game was released in Japan, can you guess what system it was released for (answer at the bottom)?

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Old games need superior protection.


Game Rant looks into some of the interesting omissions from Mortal Kombat II after the recent source code was leaked. Link

A much more cunning plan than just killing them.

Lego is releasing a New Atari 2600 video game console set [Digital Spy]. Link

lego icons atari 2600 video game console adults set
Another one for the “want but don’t need” category

With CES being across the news, the show has a “Wall of shame” which showcases a number of failed tech. Some honourable mentions for retro gaming [Daily Mail]. Link

The Virtual Boy was only for sale for 5 months in Japan and 7 months in the USA.

The Switch has overtaken the Game Boy to become the third best-selling console of all time [The Gamer] can you guess numbers 1 and 2? Link

Someone is porting Starfox to the Sega Megadrive/Genesis and it looks pretty good. Link

Simply the finest tees


Fan Banter looks at how video game graphics have developed through the years. Link

Video game crossovers are not a new thing, some make sense, others less so. Pocket Tactics look at some of the weirdest ones. Link

Who is the guest character here?

Hackaday discusses an epic quest to build the ultimate Game Boy. Link

There was a mask that was due to be put in the Majora’s Mask, which never made it into the game as it would have broken it. Screen Rant report. Link

Look into my eyes, don’t look around the eyes. You’re under.

Leiria Economica (wtf) gives you 5 things you did not know about the Super Nintendo (I knew one of these things. Link

I said the door was closed because I was BANKING mum.

Next in the random publication hitting you with nothing but facts is OIC Canadian (???) telling you 5 things you didn’t know about the Nintendo 64. Link



Video games are fun, but did you also know they are able to predict the future? Well, I did not but Hard Drive gives you 4 examples of where video games perfectly predicted the future. Link

The prophet from Pleasanton – Madden.

Want to relive the 80s through nothing but video games? Well, Unique News Online have 6 games to help you capture this time. Link

GamePur has a list of the greatest handheld consoles. Link

Destructoid has a list of their 10 best NES soundtracks, with some games I am unfamiliar with. Going to check some of these out. Link

Silver Surfer Lizard Stage
A lot is going on here, but this is the best music of any NES game ever (according to Destructoid).

And that’s a wrap for this week, the system Zelda II was launched on was the Famicom Disk system. Thanks for reading and if you have any comments or feedback, please let me know!