Retro Gaming Weekly News #0023

Welcome to issue #23 of the newsletter, thank for all of the feedback on the survey – it is appreciated and is already shaping the newsletter (for the better I hope) – I will do a separate edition to share the results with you all. If you still want to give your views, you can find the survey here.

Bomberman was released 37 years ago today (19/12/87) for the Famicom and a certain video game character turned 35 (17/12/87). His OG name was Rockman, can you guess who he is (answer at the bottom)?

Remember Baywatch? You will love Nostalgiatron.



Switch online has added 4 new Megadrive/Genesis games – including Columns [Eurogamer]. Link

The Daily Mail report on what they think is the largest video game collection in the world, worth an estimated $2.1m. I truly believe that retro is a wise investment. Link

The angels decided to pimp their iPad with colourful dots

A forgotten game called Scramble Training for the Sega AS-1 has been found at a car boot sale featuring some Michael Jackson video [NME]. Link

Michael Jackson
I wonder if this game was Bad?

The Wonderboy anniversary collection will be launching on January 26th for the Switch [Nintendo Everything]. Link

What is the secret of your power?


Redbrick have a feature on the gaming on the wars in the 90’s and the impact on wider gaming. I used to be team Megadrive (Genesis) as that is what my parents got me, but it’s hard to see it as being better than the SNES these days. Link

Lets just call them the two goats 🐐

Continuing the console history theme, Stratechery have a history go video games starting way back in 1958, its well worth a read. Link

Khabar Non Stop have a feature on the Rare “Play Boy” handheld that was never released (unfortunately). Link

Meet The "Playboy" Handheld, Rare's Unreleased Game Boy Rival | Time  Extension
Someones (was) gonna get sued

Destructoid have a feature as they revisit on Final Fight 3 on the SNES. Link

Final Fight 3 Haggar Beating Nazis
Take a look at what I’m wearing, people. You think anybody wants a roundhouse kick to the face while I’m wearing these bad boys? Forget about it – Mike Haggar

If you have a VR unit and want to recreate a working 90’s bedroom of your dreams, you need EmuVR (can be played without as well) [Lifehacker]. Link

4mm Acrylic “built like a tank” display cases for your retro games

Make Tech Easier have a run down about the best dedicated controllers for retro gamers. Link

Who knew there was a game called Millenium Falcon Challenge? Who knew there was a games console called the Tiger-R Zone. If you answered no to either question then you will enjoy this look at the “worst games console of all time” and a forgotten Star Wars game [California 18]. Link

This Star Wars video game you've never played: Millenium Falcon Challenge
Full disclosure, I never knew this existed until now.

Yahoo News has a gift guide on dedicated modern consoles to play retro games (and controllers). Link

Each tee is limited edition and individually numbered



The Hawkeye give their ranking on the classic MegaMan games. I never really played any of them and should really get around to doing so. Link

Graphic by Alexander Cha
Rockman (spoiler alert for the question in case anyone reads this)

The Review Geek look at the top Mario games of all time, and there are some surprising entries amongst the more usual suspects. Link

Thats all for this week, the answer to the question is Mega Man (aka Rockman). The link to the survey is here – and please share with communities if you enjoy the newsletter. Thanks!