Retro Gaming Weekly News #0022


Last call for the survey on content – some very interesting and constructive responses so far and I will share the results in a future episode. You can find the link here and it will only take 2 mins of your time.

On this day (12th December) in 1960 – a character from Street Fighter was born. He likes John Wayne films, his hair and dog walking. Can you guess which character turning 62 today (answer at the end of the newsletter)?

I have broken the newsletter into new sections (thanks for the feedback) – let me know how this works for you as it will include all consoles in all sections (broken down as News/Features/Lists – NFL).

Everything else is just a flimsy plastic case


Final Fantasy V celebrated turning 30 – it was an iconic game in an iconic series, and Nintendo Life go into why it was a landmark in the series. Link

Such amazing artwork from Square Enix 😍

25 years later, the once cancelled Airball for the NES is being released (also available for GBA) by Retro Room Games – you can view the trailer here.

Toejam and Earl and getting a film (The Verge)! Link



Nintendo Life has a nice feature on Christmas gifts for Nintendo fans. Link

Etsy has it all.

Essentially Sports looks at the gaming life of Elon Musk as he suggested the Atari 2600 was his first console. Link

CRT’s and Retro Gaming go together like ET and landfill – the smallest CRT ever released was the Panasonic CT-101, so of course someone has hooked it up to a NES to play retro (TecheBlog). Link

Panasonic CT-101 Smallest Color CRT TV Super Nintendo
What is this? A TV for ants?

Abernic are launching the RG35XX which comes in a Game Boy style case and comes with 2 Micro SD Card Slots, a 2100mh battery and an IPS screen with HDMI out and an A9 processor (Notebook Check). Link

A good looking device, but has to be #2

Hackster have info on modding a Game Boy Advance to be a wireless whole house remote. Link

And Peta Pixel have a feature on 3D printing new lenses for the Game Boy OG camera – 2 bit all the way baby. Link

An Elegant Camera for a More Civilized Age

Wired review the Evercade EXP (spoiler 7/10). Link

Want some geeky, retro inspired Christmas Tree decorations? Gizmodo has got you covered! Link

From Hallmark of all places!

Chained Echos is getting rave reviews for modern consoles – it is a 16 bit (retro) inspired RPG which looks great. He is the YouTube launch trailer. Link

They liked to watch….

Khabar Nonstop have a feature on the Nintendo seal of quality that adorned many of the best games. Link

CBR has a feature on why Kiddy Kong was so controversial (I never knew he existed 🫣). Link

He does look annoying.

Final Weapon has a feature on gaming in the 90’s. Link

Reutir looks at 8 bit compatibility on modern OS’s. Link



Gamespot have a long list of the greatest NES games of all time – and inspiration to revisit some of these classics. Link

CBR love a list, so when the decided to share us their best Nintendo games with the worst endings we just had to feature it. Link

And GameRant has a list of the 6 N64 games with the best cut scenes. Link

10 things you did not know about the Atari 2600 (Adafruit). Link

Cultured Vultures has a list of the 20 best N64 games of all time. Link

#11 was a Japanese only release – any ideas?

No one: The Gamer: The 7 best Alligators in video games. Link

And finally

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The answer to this weeks question is Guile!