Retro Gaming Weekly News #0021

39 years ago this week the innovatively named ”Baseball” was launched on the humble Famicom. You can play one of the granddaddy of sports games here.

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Game Rant has some weird ports of retro fighting games. Streetfighter 2 on the Spectrum anyone? Link

Contestants in this year’s tournament were feeling blue.

There is a new trailer for the Super Mario Bros. film. Link

Some footage of a lost Metroid games for the N64 has surfaced (The Gamer). Link

Ruetir has some interesting (or not) facts about Donkey Kong. Link

A lot going on in this picture

There is a new multi-game changer for the Game Boy Colour, which is totally crazy, but sometimes crazy is cool (Hackaday). Link

Complicated solutions for simple problems

Tech E Blog has a complete history of Super Mario Kart and why is was made. Link

Complete History Super Mario Kart Nintendo
Mario Kart v1

Destructoid has a list of the 5 best games for the N64, not as obvious a choice as you might have thought. Link


ABC News have a feature on the rise of demand for retro consoles. Link

Destructoid has compiled the best consoles that are the worst to collect for. No mention of the 32x! Link

If you know, you know.

Make Use Of have an article on which modern console is best for retro gaming (the ones you can hack usually…). Link

What is this? A Commodore for ants?!

Want to know the best 10 Sega Genesis games that were made in the 21st century? No? Well either way CBR have a list. Link

None sighted thus far in the 21st century

And CBR also has a look at some cancelled Konami games which might have been nice had they actually seen the light. Link

Pong has turned 50! Yahoo/Engadget have an interview on its creation. Link

Spokesman has an article on how to care for some of the retro consoles, nothing ground-breaking but definitely some “good to know” points made. Link

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