Retro Gaming Weekly News #0019

Welcome to issue #19, the nights get longer so a perfect time to dust off some retro games and get around to playing thatgame you have been waiting to play.

Discussing all things 80’s and 90’s like Going Live and Coco Pops

32 years ago today the SNES was launched in Japan and a life was never quite the same again. With that came one of the greatest games ever - Super Mario World – and you can relive this masterpiece here.

Hard 4mm Acrylic Cases for Nintendo, Sega and many many more.



TecheBlog look back at the nemesis of school children in the 80’s or 90’s (which I never knew existed) – the “Homework First” (below). Link

Homework First Combination Lock NES Cartridge Slot
I would have left home if this ever appeared in my childhood.

Did you know gaming have released an insightful video (30 mins) about every Zelda game that was never released. Link

Did You Know Gaming Zelda Game Not Released America
Is Zelda the greatest gaming series ever?

Comicbook Gaming look back at Namco’s Star Wars game for the Famicom which had Darth Vader turn into a scorpion, a shark, a pterodactyl, and a Wampa - not canon. Link


Some good people have made every issue of Nintendo Power magazine available for download. Not all hero’s wear capes. Link

CBR have a deep, well written view on the state of Retro Gaming. Joke, it’s a list of the 10 SNES games that are not as good as you remember. Link

Harsh. Harsh. Harsh. (But to be fair they provide good visuals for the newsletter).

I love a limited edition console, my Pikachu N64 is one of the highlights of my collection. Dual Shockers look at the rarest Nintendo variants. Link

MTV Gamecube!

Shigeru Miyamoto Turns 70 and Bolly Inside look back at the career of one of the most influential names in gaming. Link

The Escapist give the “Definitive View” of the Virtual Boy (their words not mine). Link

Virtual Boy Works review Jeremy Parish Limited Run Games Press Run retrospective history book
Virtual boy is a weird name, sounds like an invisible friend.


Game News 24 have a look at some cult games for the Megadrive/Genesis. Link

Individually numbered, premium quality,

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Event Hubs look at Atari’s attempts to compete with Virtual Fighter and Tekken - and created one of the worst fighting games ever - The First For Life. Link

This was not the box art.

The Gamer take a look at the Atari 50 collection which has just been released and getting some good reviews. Link

And the rest is history

Not Hardware report that Streets of Rage is being made into a film with the writer of John Wick on board. Not holding out much hope, but loved the game series. Link

Attack of the clones

And that’s a wrap! Thanks for reading and if you can share with others I would be extremely grateful!