Retro Gaming Weekly News #0018

This week’s newsletter covers the best of Japanese NES games, Rom Hacks and a new “mini” console in the works.

Also, Sonic Spinball turns 29 years old today! You can play this game here.

If you collect games, you really should know RetroShell


Another good article from Reutir, shines a light on interesting topics – this time they turn their attention to the history of RockStar and Nintendo. Link

Would love to see what this might of looked like

Everyone knows Super Mario Bros. but did you know Game Over was not the end and you could continue with a simple button combination 😲. GeekyRant gives more details. Link

Den of Geek are back with a list that tells us all about the “Best NES games released outside of Japan”, and I am sure some are well worth a go. Link

NES Games Not Released Outside of Japan
Can you name any of these?

Starfox is one of the iconic SNES games and pushed the hardware, and some cleaver modder has now pushed it further with the release of the ROM hack Starfox EX – which contains SNES mouse support, 5-player mode and 17 levels with battles against some of Nintendo’s icons. PCGamer delve into more detail. Link

They are threatening words indeed Luigi.

Did you know there was an N64 Zelda game that never got launched, Ruetir give details and the story behind Zelda 64. Link


Game Informer has a nice feature on a visit to Japan’s Mario Themed amusement park. Really want to visit this place. Link

Retro gaming tees re-imagined.


Game Rant has a feature on the final Sega Saturn game which was based on Anime. Link


The rankers at CBR give their view on the best 15 Sonic games. For me, it was Sonic 2. Link

Relive the halcyon days of the 80s and 90s as a child



Reutir has an article on Nintendo’s biggest mistake – the Nintendo Playstation which never was. Link


Beautiful looking machine IMO

Bleeding Cool gives details of the 6 new games created by Digital Eclipse for their Atari 50 collection. Link

Konami has announced the launch of the TurboGrafix-16 mini! Link