Retro Gaming Weekly News #0017

Welcome to issue #17! On the 9th November 1996 Sonic 3D Blast was released for the Genesis. 3D is a very optimistic word for this game, but you can play it here.

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Do you like Casio G-Shock watches? Do you like Super Mario Bros? Then Casio have got you covered. Reported by Crunchyroll. Link

A mere $150 for this non smart watch

Can you name every Nintendo console in chronological order? I thought I could, but if you need a reminder, ScreenRant have got a list. Link

Which is the best?

The year is 2022, you decide you want to build a new NES from scratch – well, you can! Here is a guide from Low Budget reported by Adafruit. Link

A smart chap has managed to stream and record Game Boy games using the OG hardware – using a Pi. Toms Hardware report. Link

Think you know your NES games, well The Express have a quiz to test your knowledge. Link

Kotaku reports that Luigi’s mansion was due to launch on the N64 DD. Link

Luigi’s Mansion Could Have Been A Nintendo 64 Disc Drive Game
I want an N64 disk drive

Inverse has an article on one of the hardest games ever, Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts. Link

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KitGuru report that the next Sega mini console will be decided by fans. Which would you like to see (a mini Saturn would be cool). Link

SVG report one how a lost ”Risqué” Sega Saturn game was finally found. Link

blue face
Risqué indeed.



A nice article on Japan’s love affair with gaming, lots of retro goodness covered – thanks to Time Square Chronicles. Link

GameRant list the best consoles of the 80’s. Which would you pick as #1 (comments below). Link

Popular Mechanics have a nice article looking at the 50 years of Atari and question how the pioneer of home gaming failed to capitalise on their early start. Link

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