Retro Gaming Weekly News #0016

The “obligatory” Halloween edition. Instead of celebrating a birthday, I will share my personal favorite horror genre game – Splatterhouse 2 on the Megadrive (Genesis). You can play this game here.



Dualshockers have a list of the 10 strangest games released on the Super Nintendo. Link

A scary clown riding a rat with a needle as a sword into battle is worthy of the word “strange”

Classic Nintendo controllers are now compatible with IOS and tvOS 16.1 California 18 is reporting (adaptor needed). Link

Classic Nintendo Controllers Can Now Be Used on iPhone, Mac, iPad, and Apple TV
Past meets present

Destrictoid has a feature on the SNES version of Jurassic Park. Link

Jurassic Park Header
Special $.99 Assic Park

If you are a Gamecube user and use the Game Boy Player – there is a hack that The Gamer is reporting on that makes it much better. Link

Go Nintendo look at some spooky Nintendo worlds/levels. Link

No one:

Absolutely no one:

CBR – 10 Mario Enemies That Would Make Good Pets. Link

All shit pets in my opinion.

Just in case you are not done with lists (they get a surprising number of clicks according to my data) Dualshockers look at the 10 strangest 10 N64 games. Link

Bloodshot eyes and holding a bud Budweiser. Da fuck…?



Game News 24 has an article in memory of Reiko Kodama, the Grand Dame of Sega” who sadly passed away. An impressive life. Link

Sonic has now passed more than 1.51 Billion unit sales and downloads report Shacknews. Link




Gamefreaks 365 have a feature article on Ms. Pac-Man, worth a read on the OG female lead character. Link

The Ms. Pac-Man Arcade Game marked a before and after in the video game's history

iTechSpot has a list of 5 games (mostly retro) based on scary movies. I can think of many more.. Link

For those of you that collect games, you might interested to know that Analogue is releasing a final batch of their Sega SG and Nintendo NT – they are beautiful machines and play original games. Link

A bit list heavy this week (but it is Halloween) – Screenrant looks at the 10 worst gaming system accessories. Link

If this is one of the worst, what are the best…?

PC Mag looks at the worst arcade conversions of all time. Link

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed this week’s newsletter, and wishing you all a spooky Halloween!