Retro Gaming Weekly News #0013

Welcome to issue number lucky 13, this week 27 years ago Mortal Kombat 3 was launched on the SNES & Megadrive/Genesis – if you want to play it, you can do here. Also, a big thanks on making this the biggest retro gaming newsletter on Substack!

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Go Nintendo reports that a fan has made a very cool portable Super Famicom (below) using the SNES classic as the base. Link

Will probably never use, but 100% want

The trailer for the new CGI Super Mario Bros film it out, and I think it looks pretty cool. Link

Geek Tyrant share the news that Retrotainment have created a new Garbage Pail Kids video game for the NES (plus the modern consoles). I was (am) a big nerd for GBK so will be checking this out (below). Link

Can you name them?

The SNES is a beautifully designed console, no matter the revision, or the region – but they do tend to yellow as they age. Game Mite explain why and what you can do about it. Link

Chris Scullion has launched a new gaming encyclopedia (below) honouring the N64. It includes all games for the console, including Japanese and 64DD versions. Nintendo Life tell more. Link

All I want for Christmas is you (and a 64DD)

Like Mario loves coins, like Sonic loves rings – CBR loves lists. Here they share with you Mario’s “top 10” creepiest enemies (below). No mention of OG boo :(. Link

Tinkle these ivories
Mushroom Kingdom collection now available



For the Win give their opinion on the best Sega CD (Mega CD) games ever! Link

Tower of power

Sega has and did have some excellent franchises, but some of them have not been touched for years. CBR look at 10 which have been all but forgotten. Link

Remember the things from the video? You will love Nostalgiatron.


Mooooooooorrrtaaaaal Kooooombaaaaat turns 30 and Spark Chronicles tells the story of the game dubbed “too violent for our children”. Link

Can you name the 7 video game characters that have appeared in each of the last 4 decades? I got 5. Gamerant have the full list. Link

One to get you started

That’s all for this week, thanks for reading – I appreciate you all.