Retro Gaming Weekly News #0012

5 years ago this week Starfox 2 was finally released for the SNES mini. You can play this very delayed sequel here.




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Nintendo have always been the custodian of their platform, putting in place a number of measures to make it more kid friendly. This went as far as Nintendo asking the developers of X-Men in Arcades Revenge to censor some of the locations. Ruetir report. Link

Scotland man had some cool shades.

Death, tax and CBR’s lists are three things you can be sure of. This latest list is 10 underrated SNES games everyone should play (apparently). Link

For those of you that want to be able to send Tweets from your NES (yes, you read that right) – No Bad Memories have got the connected NES for you. Link

Or maybe perhaps you can get your NES and install a new OS to give you some new functionality? NESOS 1.0 features 2 apps and a word processor! Arstechnica go into more detail. Link

You're limited to eight files and a word processor, but you can put them anywhere you want in NESOS' rich (for 1985) desktop environment.
Still better than Windows ME
All garments are one off and the best quality!


Sega (slow Sega news week)

For the win look at the best Sega Saturn games ever. Link

I love Shining Force


Limited Run Games are launching a book division and re-publishing some books that have released in the past. Game News 24 look at some of their works. Link

Kotaku have a nice piece on how Sony won the console war. Link

The Blockbuster World Video Game championships are back! I went the the original one in the UK in the 90’s (at a theme park in the UK). NME explain more (below). Link

A lot going on here.

Gamepur look at the 5 failed consoles that lasted longer than the Google Stadia… Bit harsh on the Sega Saturn. Link

SNK Celebrated 30 years of the “Art of Fighting” with some new art (below). Nintendo Life report and I will just share the picture to save you a click unless you are really interested. Link

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