Retro Gaming Weekly News #0011

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34 years ago today, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link was released for the trusty NES. Never played it? Well, we got you – you can play it through your browser here.

Always use protection



Nintendo was born 133 years ago as a playing card company – Reutir look back at the history of the Legendary gaming company (I do not throw legendary around easily). Link

Modern games too easy? Sick of being able to reload that save when things get sticky? Looking for a challenge? Yardbarker look at the toughest NES games (below for my #1). Link

Makes Bloodborne feel easy


The best retro gaming tees ever made.


Remember that classic game called Bible Adventures for the NES? No? Well it happened, and Nintendo Link look back in more detail about what it was all about (below). Link

Moses was preparing for his sailing adventure

Den of Geek take a look at the 15 weirdest Gameboy games ever made, in case you care. Link

A bit of a strange one, but Happy Mag report on Impact Soundworks offering Super Audio Boy for free, which is a piece of software that includes a ton of Game Boy 8 bit samples. Link



Den of Geek give their view on the 15 best SNES fighting games (below). Link

Best SNES Fighting Games
Can you name all four?

Tech E Blog reveal that a modder has created a 60fps version of StarFox. Link



In a slow Sega news week a Japanese couple got married and had a cool Sega 90’s tower wedding cake (below). Link

A Japanese couple, both of whom are big SEGA fans, had a very special wedding cake: in the shape of Mega Drive, the company's historic 16-bit console, with which they managed to stand up to the Nintendo console after years of unchallenged dominance with the NES. The user at NAGASE_FC3S showed the cake of his friends.
Saved you a click

Its hard to argue that the NES was the winner versus the Master System, but there were some games that were better on the Sega console. The Gamer have a list. Link

The Sega Modem was ahead of its time and an amazing piece of kit – Tech e Blog look at in more detail. Link

SEGA Mega Modem Genesis Drive
More bolt ons than Frankenstein


Kim Komando has an article that looks at 10 “vintage” electronics that are are now worth a sh*tload (my word). Some interesting retro gaming bits included. Link

Tedium look into the MagnaVox Odysseys’ history and its place in video gaming history (worth a read). Link


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