Retro Gaming Weekly News #0010

37 years ago today the hard as nails Ghost’s and Goblins was launched in the arcades. If you want to test your sanity, you can play it here.

The best retro gaming tees in the world…?



Mega Man Zero turned 20 last week and to celebrate this, Nintendo Life rank all (53) of the games from the franchise.

Mega Man is mega man. Credit: Nintendo Life

Want to know what the most valuable N64 games are? Well 80’s kids think you do so much they wrote an article about this. Link

With Goldeneye (below) all over the news due to its birthday, subsequent documentary and re-release on the Switch and Xbox, CBR look back at to why the game was so special. Link

Once you see the wide mouth of bond (or is it his hand) – you can’t un-see it.




Ruerir report on a new game for the Sega Megadrive/Genesis by Pixel Heart – Alice Sisters. Link



How to Geek have a nice feature on the best modern retro consoles and look at the best way of playing old games on new hardware. I did not know you could run RetroArch on the Series X in developer mode! Link

Remember that time Apple made a console? The Pippin was not a success like most Apple products, and California18 look in more detail about the $450 flop (below). Link

Apple Pippin
Naming it after a basketball player was a strange move.

The folks at Chithot (nice name) have voted 1996 as the best year in gaming. Link

CBR give their list of the 10 most expensive Atari games. Link

USA today look at what was the first video game. It was not known by me! Link

Arstechnica look at the 103 games that did, and did not make it into the Atari 50 collection. Link


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Notebook Check preview another modern retro handheld – the Anberic RG353V with a vertical layout and 3.5” display. Link

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