Retro Gaming Weekly News #0009

Welcome to issue #8, this week (tomorrow) 39 years the legendary Mortal Kombat was released on the SNES and Megadrive/Genesis. For me it was always a lot of fun, not quite as polished as SF2 but there was something about ripping the head and spine from my opponents body that was very unique. You can play the gorier Sega version here (but good luck with a keyboard).

No rematch.



Oh My Mag kick us off with a clickbait title saying that this NES game is worth almost $11k – spoiler alert as I dislike clickbait – its called Phantom Air Mission and the condition for this valuation is brand new, but the cart alone is worth $1k. Link

Numbered, limited edition retro tees.


Screen Rant provide us with a massive surprise by compiling a list of 10 “Groundbreaking” Game Boy games that still look good today. IMO there is only so much you can do with a monochrome display, but in case you are interested. Link

The Gamer take a look at the best accessories for the Game Boy, I had the link cable (used one or twice for Tetris) and the magnifier. Not sure why I needed the latter as my young eyes were perfectly fine, but it always seemed cool. Always wanted the printer, not sure why. Link

More on the Rare console that never was – the Play Boy. I have a good friend who was senior at Rare who explained to me that they took it to CES, showed Miyamoto of Nintendo (they were partners) who then revealed the Gameboy, and that was that. Did you know Rare also did a 4p adaptor called the Foreplay and also a motorbike engine (V-Twin). Link

Ever heard of the Sharp SF1 (below)? I had not. Find out more about the TV with built in SNES from 1990 as told by TechEBlog. Link

Sharp SF1 TV Built-in Super Famicom SNES Naizou
Want, but shipping from Japan will be a bitch

Lord of the Rings is hot right now (the series on Amazon for me is a bit meh thus far), so Ruetir look back at the history of LOTR and the SNES – which is not a history with quality games. At all. Link

A look at the Twitch Streamer “Acegamersam” who beat all 296 N64 games in 5 years (that’s over 4 a month, I struggle with 4 a year these days). Impressive. Reported by Know techie. Link

What are the 10 most valuable N64 games? Find out thanks to Twinfinate. Link

Always use protection.



Today I learned about SAGE’22 – Sonic Amateur Games Expo, which was last week. Link

Disney are remaking Gargoyles (originally for the Mega Drive) and Game News 24 tell you more. Link

The Sega/Mega CD was a nice idea and brought FMV to the 16 bit generation – and there was a quite large catalogue of games available. At the time it was just a dream to own one. Exputer look at the best games ever released on the system. Link

best sega mega cd games
One of my personal favourite franchises and looking forward to playing the CD version when I get the Mini 2.



The 2600 is 45 years old and and Stuff look at the best games on this faux wooden granddaddy of gaming (below). Link

60% of the time, it works every time.

Gizmodo look at the PocketStar retro gaming console – which is almost keyring sized and looks fiddly. Link

You need hands the same size as this person to play this.


And that’s it for this week. Hope you learned something new, and if you enjoyed reading, please share with other retro fans.


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