Retro Gaming Weekly News #0008

Welcome to issue number 8! Thanks for reading and if you have any other new sources or articles we have missed please message us or leave comments. On the 7th September we celebrate the launch of Galaxian for the NES, a mere 38 years ago. You can play it here.

This week I watched GoldenEra – a documentary about Goldeneye. It was nice to relive the nostalgia and worth a watch for fans of the game (who is not..) – but felt like the last 30 mins went a bit off the rails.





Despite Nintendo games being more on the PG-13 side of things, some of the bosses and characters are very strange. CBR look at the 10 weirdest Nintendo Bosses (below). Link

Paper Mario dreaded wrapping presents.

Dualshockers look at the 10 most valuable Nintendo Games, and 9 of them are worth over $100k – time to raid the attic. Link

Voonze celebrate 30 years of Mario Kart. Link

CBR remember the time that Mario had a gun. Link




Inverse look at when (their claim) Sega delivered the greatest video game sidekick of all time!? Mr M. T. Prower. Link

Do you remember Psycho Fox on the Sega Master System? Let Thumbsticks remind you. Link

Did you know the Sega Genesis/Megadive was inspired by cars? If not then there are 4 other facts you might be enlightened by. Link

GameRant rank all of the Sonic games (below). Link

When did Sonic get so gangly?


Love Retro? You will love Nostalgiatron!



A cool article on Yahoo Finance (of all places!) on Retro Game collecting and some of the challenges that this poses. Link

How to Geek look at people who are making new retro games. Link

A Tomb Raider fan is making a 2D version. Link

The Evercade EXP console will have 18 Capcom games installed to play out of the box (below). Link

The Evercade EXP Will Have 18 Built-In Capcom Games Available To Play Right Out Of The Box
Want. Will never use, but still want.

A sensational collection of retro gaming consoles is being sold – the asking price, $1m. Link

Anyone wanna lend me $1m?

Atari XP are releasing some new pressings of Atari 2600 games that will play on the original console. So far we have Missile Command, Adventure, Aquaventure, Yars’ Revenge and Saboteur and each is limited to 1000 copies. Link

Did you know Rare also wanted to make hardware as well? I did’t – well meet the PlayBoy (below)… Link

Playboy – the Rare multitap was called the Fourplay. See a theme…?


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