Retro Gaming Weekly News #0007

Welcome to all of the new subscribers and thanks to those that are sharing the newsletter with others. Issue 7 coming in hot filled with more Retro goodness. 27 years ago this week (1st September 1995) DOOM arrived on the SNES – you can play it here.



GoldenEra, the documentary about GoldenEye for the N64 is out and IGN have posted a review on this classic game (below). Link

GoldenEra Review Image


Limited Run Games (below) have revealed a OG Game Boy release for their game PHOBOS DERE. GB (not shouting, that’s how its written apparently). Pre-orders are available now! Link


Elago have released some nostalgic cases for Apple devices, including a SNES controller for Air Tags (below) – which looks very cool. Cult of Mac report. Link

The W5 AirTag case looks like an old-school gaming console.

Go Nintendo give an update on a new game for the NES called Malasombra which is close to completion, having been stated in 2018. Link

Looking for a NES challenge? Yardbarker get all list and tell you their thoughts on the 20 hardest games for the console. Link




The Sega Megadrive is 33 this year (aka Genesis in the USA), and The Gamer have written a Love Letter to the “greatest console of all time” (not my words, but I kind of agree). Link

Some might argue that the Sega Master System games might have the most basic looking game cases, but the champions of lists, Game Rant, have got a list of the 14 Forgotten Sega Master System games with awesome cover art (below). A niche list indeed. Link


Time Extension have a cool article on the Sega/Nintendo console wars and how Sega won in the UK. Link


Want to know how Atari designed the original universal console port and how it lasted almost 20 years? Tedium have a cool article with a deep dive on this. Link


Digimon is 25 years old and they are celebrating this in Tokyo (below) with a number of events, reported by Crunchyroll. If you are a fan of the series there are some cool exhibits. Link

Digimon Museum

Indie Retro News report on a new Amiga platformer being developed called “Super Metal Hero”. Looks cool (below). Link



This weeks featured social media account is the “Retro Gaming Geek” who you can follow on Twitter. Link


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