Retro Gaming Weekly News #0006

Welcome to issue #6, I hope that you are enjoying the newsletter and format – however if you have any feedback please do let me know.


35 years ago today The Legend of Zelda was launched on the NES and changed gaming forever. If you have not already played this masterpiece, then you can do so here.




Nintendo have released Wave Race 64 on the Nintendo Switch, you can see the launch trailer if you want to be reminded of what a great game this was (below). Link

Fun in the sun

If Switch retro gaming is how you get your fix then Nintendo Life has an article explaining every NES, SNES and N64 game that is available to play now. Link


The Gamer gives their opinion on the best 10 SNES games available for the Switch Online. Link


The ultra limited edition, and individually numbered Mushroom Kingdom shirts are selling fast – get in on the finest retro inspired tees! Link


A crafty Switch owner has turned a broken N64 into a Switch dock. Link


Looking for some inspiration on what games to replay on the NES? Sportskeeda has an article on 5 games to replay in 2022 (below). Link

CBR took a look at some SNES classics that have not aged well (below). Harsh. Link


Nintendo have patented a cover that turns smartphones into an OG Gameboy. (Is Game Boy one or two words…?). The Wrap shares more information. Link



The Den of Geek f*cking love a list  – and here they tell you the 10 games that were better on the Sega Genesis. Link


Polygon has the full lineup for the Genesis Mini 2 which is launching on the 27th October. Some absolute classics and I am very tempted to find a way to get one (but will probably stick with my Analogue Sega SG). Link


And it’s coming to Europe on the same day as reported by Sega. Link


Looking for some superior protection for your Sega collection? Then you will want to get some RetroShell(s). Link


CBR did an interesting deep dive on the “Lost” game that (apparently) killed the Sega Saturn – Sonic X-Treme. Link


Nintendo Life have reported that Sega are making Space Channel 5 and Comix Zone films (below). Link



The first colour handheld console to be released in the USA was not the Game Gear, as I thought – but the Atari Lynx. My Droll has a nice article on the 160×102 ultra LD system. Link


“299” – Cracked look at the three digits that kind of changed the video gaming history. A turning point in the console wars in 1995. Link

Remember Sunsoft? The were a publisher for the 8 and 16 bit era and probably best known for Aero the Acro-Bat, and they are back. Polygon explained more. Link


Inverse talk about how a platformer on the 2600 redefined the genre forever (below). Link

If you are lucky enough to own an Analogue Pocket – then you will be happy to hear about some new cores for the device, including the Master System, Game Gear and the SG-1000. Link


GamesRadar has a nice piece on the 50 things that changed gaming. Long but cool. Link


NFL Blitz was amazing, let’s be honest here. Arcade1Up have announced an arcade cabinet for NFL Blitz Legends (below). Link


Antstream have an article on the story of the Commodore 64, and calls it the “King” of 8 bit computers. Link


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