Retro Gaming Weekly News #0005

Welcome to issue number 5, and a thanks as always for reading. 35 years ago today Metroid was released for the NES. If you want to play it you can here.

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The documentary about Goldeneye for the N64 called Golden Era is landing on the 23rd August and the company that made it has been acquired by Cinedigm. Link

Some modders have transformed the aforementioned game into the Spy Who Loved Me including the iconic chase scene in the Alps. More information from Hypebeast (image below). Link

Roger Moore was the best Bond, case closed.

Better late than never, the secret 2 player mode of Super Punch Out has been discovered, as reported by Arstechnica. Link

Nintendo Insider has revealed the Atari 50: The Anniversary Collection for the Switch (below). Link

50 years young.

Sportskeeda give their view on the 5 most overrated games from the SNES era. Link

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Gematsu reported that The Genesis/Mega Drive 2 Japanese titles 34-44 have been revealed – with Ecco CD, Phantasy Star II and Populous being my highlights in this update. Link

Kanji is just cool.

The 10 most expensive Saturn games have been ranked, I mean what would Screerant be doing if not ranking things. Link

And while we are at it, how about Mega Visions Top 10 underrated Sega games. I have still never played Ristar and would not call Quackshot underrated but here you go. Link


France as a huge archive of video games at the National Library as part of one of the longest running efforts to preserve them. Ultimate “check out my games room” flex from France. Reported by Wionews. Link

The forthcoming game “Arcade Paradise” have launched a trailer, could be fun. Link

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