Retro Gaming Weekly News #0003

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On this day (July 29th 1993) Ecco the Dolphin was released for the Sega Genesis and Megadrive. Such a great game – and you can play it here.

Nintendo News

SIV Telegram Media (!?) remember the top 10 Super Nintendo co-op titles. What were yours? Link

IGN have prepared a video on the Top 10 Super Mario Levels of all time. Never really thought about this, would Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road on the SNES be considered a Super Mario Level…? Link

Nintendo Life have reported that Capcom’s franchise Mega Man has now sold 38 million copies worldwide. To compare, Resident Evil has sold 127m, Monster Hunter 84m, and Street Fighter “only” 48m. Link

GameRant have published an article that lists the top 10 Mario games with the most replay value. I was surprised at the #1 (never played it…). Link

If you are a game collector, Retroshell have got you covered with hard cases for the NES, SNES, N64, Famicom and Super Famicom boxes and games which offer superior protection to your softer cheap cases. Link*

The Hollywood Super Nintendo World is coming along with some cool decorations. Update with pictures (below) buried in the WDWNT news. Link

SNW Update 1
Very cool.

Goomba Stomp are talking about a remastered version of the music from “A Link to the past” which is worth a listen if you are a fan of the series/music. Link

Screenrant rank all of the Nintendo fighting games that are not Super Smash Bros. Link

Gamespot report that there might be a new remake of Tactics Ogre (originally launched for the SNES in 1995) to the PlayStation Network (it was released as a later version for the PSP). Link

CBR give their view on every Kirby Game from the 90’s as ranked by Metacritic. Link

The Switch Online service has added three more NES/SNES games (Kirby’s Avalanche aka Kirby’s Ghost Trap, Fighters History and Daiva Story 6). Link

More rankings – this time the best Nintendo controller designs. Imo the N64 all the way – but they do not agree at DualshockersLink

Have you been wondering what the 15 best boss fights on the SNES were? No? Well either way Den of Geek tell you. Link

A new Game Boy platformer is coming out this summer from PixelHeart called Lost Terminal (below). Link


Play Crazy Game list the top 30 selling Super Nintendo Games. Link

Inverse celebrates 32 years of Dr Mario which they say “changed Nintendo forever” – bold claim. Link

Did you know Enix made a game where Jesus was a Space Station? No? Me neither… Link

A cool history of the SNES – did you know it was called the “Super Comboy” in South Korea and was made by Hyundai? Link

Not retro, but interesting – every year Nintendo gives their employees a company guide booklet, and this years theme is a passport. Link

In case you ever wanted to see what some Zelda monsters looked like recreated in a nightmarish fashion (below), Screenshot have you an article. Link


Some accessories for the Virtual Boy are available for pre order, including a rumble pack and a Bluetooth adaptor. Link

Sega News

SlashGear looks at the amazingly ahead of its time Sega Channel for the Sega Genesis (USA only I believe). A very interesting piece of kit and idea. Link

A review of the Everdrive GG X7 which is an everything cart for the Game Gear and plays Master System games as well. Link

Fall Guys is releasing a Green Hill Zone inspired level “Bean Hill Zone”. Link

Other News

As mentioned in issue #2 “Black Jewel Reborn” has reached its funding goal of €40k on Kickstarter. For those of you that dont know, it is a hack & slash sequel of Black Jewel for the Game Boy, NES, SNES and Megadrive/Genesis. You still have until the 12/08 to support this project. Link

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cowabunga Collection releases on the Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC on the 30th August and contains 13 optimised TMNT titles which were released on a number of retro platforms. Link

Remute (a German electro-pop artist) has released a new album for the Game Boy Advance! Link

MGM have lost the license for Tomb Raider, sparking a bidding war apparently. Link

TIL there were 2/5 scale Saturn and PlayStation model kits from Bandai (below). Link

Want (for some reason)

Some history about the Apple Console that never was in 1997. Link

The UK has seen two Retro arcades opened in Harlow (Essex) and Newcastle (feel free to share your favourites around the world for a future mention). Link 1 Link 2

Capcom have released the 2nd Arcade Stadium with 32 arcade classics for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam Including Streetfighter Alpha and 1943). Link

How to play PacMan on Google Chrome browser. Link


This weeks recommended YouTube channel is: The Gaming Historian

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