Retro Gaming Weekly News #0002

On this day (July 22nd 1990) Konami released Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake for the MSX. You can play it now here.


Nintendo News


Well before the top loading NES, there was a Famicom Adaptor games console, which was a product designed to play Japanese Famicom Cartridges that never made it to light – TechEBlog

What was the last ever NES game released? Well there are both official and unofficial games that get covered in this article – Den of Geek

The NES had some tough games, many which by today’s mostly softer standards would not really capture the attention for too long as they are so difficult. YardBarker asks what were the 20 toughest gamers for the NESYardBarker

CBR have a nice article on the 10 factors that led to the rise of NintendoCBR

The NES was a great console – but some of the games were a bit basic (mostly due to hardware capabilities) – but Den of Geek look at the 15 best looking NES games – Den of Geek

Mario Paint was an interesting release for its time, it brought the ability to create and design to the SNES. The Economist looks at how inspired a generation of creative geeks – The Economist

Not really news, but if you are an android user, “Gaming on Phone” has shared a guide on how to play NES games on your phone. Not really recommended unless you have a controller in my experience – Gaming on Phone 

WDW share the latest update on the Nintendo World being built in Universal Studios Hollywood – WDW

..and here is a video tour of the gift shop. YouTube

Want a Gameboy Camera DSLR? No? Well if you do you can find out how to get one here – Hackaday

How about using a GameBoy as a Pokedex? – GameRant

A list of the best SNES RPGs to revisit in 2022 (or visit for the first time!) – Sportskeeda

Nintendo tells fans that more N64 games will be released on the Switch – Nintendo Life

The Express (UK newspaper) Newspaper (of all places), give a guide on the Nintendo games now worth a fortune – Express

GameRant covers every major game Nintendo has cancelled – GameRant


Sega News

The Saturn Port of Doom is being ported to the PC – PCGames

Rom hack of Ghostbusters adds Winston to the classic Genesis/Megadrive game – Kotaku

Sega Japan give the a list of some of the games and features for the Mega Drive Mini 2 – Megavisions

Want to pre-order the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive mini 2? Nintendo Life have got you covered – Nintendo Life

Want to know the best 5 Sega emulators? Windows Report has got you covered – Windows Report

Other News

As Atari turns 50 years old, CDM have written an article on the history of the company – CDM

And Lego are going to release a set so you can build your own 2600 ($240 / €240 RRP) launching on the 1st August – MJ Global Report

Are Jaguar and Lynx games coming to the Switch? Well as part of the 50th Anniversary Collection they might well be. YouTube (Rule of 2 Review)

A list of the 20 best selling video games of all time – Mental Floss

Oddee have come up with a list of 8 famous video game console failures – most are hard to disagree with, but there are some notable admissions (no 3DO) – Oddee

Not all retro, but a list of the 10 games that did not launch with success but went on to become cult classics. – GameRant

Another Kickstarter project, Black Jewel is a hack and slash game for the NES, SNES, Megadrive/Genesis and Gameboy – The Escapist